03 March 2014

La Fe

well... we really didnt do anything super great and amazing this week. Just one of those normal missionary weeks, ya know? So this email will be short this week ;) 

Thats AWESOME about the Gilbert Temple celebration and dedication! how fun! ahh i want to see that temple SO BAD! I remember being able to drive past it every day to work, and seeing it grow! then finally left as it finished ;) 

And the accident from Porter and Garrett! ay! I hope all's okay, and that everyone was okay too. Thats too bad, but every kids gotta have one, right? at least it was minor ;) just the poor truck! ;) 

Today, we had a fun district activity! We first went to a.... desert. haha about a half hour outside of Arica. Theres these huge rocks that were put there... for who knows why. but theyre cool! Well, we finished there by like 10, and decided we wanted to do more. So we all went to Playa Corazones. Theres these caves and stuff, and it was super cool! I have more pictures on my Skydrive, but i uploaded a couple here too. It was sure a fun morning! Just EXHAUSTED now! haha 

This week, my companion and I focused on faith. this transfer, we are going to focus on one trait a week. We didnt do TOO much this week, but by the end, we realized how much we really did. With fast sunday, our investigators, and our principles of the gospel class even just happened to be Faith in Jesus Christ. It was kinda neat ;) Faith is something small, but very powerful. Something that is never "too big" and can always grow! I got to see too that I have more faith in some areas than others, and those areas are constantly changing. But I got to see where I need to work a little more. Its so great. I love how before Christ did any miracle, he asks, "do you believe" or "by your faith it is done". he wont and cant do any miracle if we dont believe it. Faith is great!! 

well, sorry, im short today! hopefully more next week ;) 
I hope you all have a great week!! and have a chance to stop by the temple ;) 
love you all a TON!! 

--Hermana Severtson

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