24 March 2014

¿Tomarás del Fruto?

This week, I was able to read in my personal study Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. I had read it and heard it many times before, but this time, I wanted to get something different from it. 
This time, I really started thinking about the different groups of people Lehi saw. There were those who didn't come, not even LOOK at the tree, not wanting anything to do with it. There were those who came, and took, and loved it! Then there were those who took it, and embarrassed, left. I got to thinking, why? If its all the same fruit, why do some people love it, and others leave it? If its the most desireable, why are they ashamed? 
Well, we know the fruit and the tree represent the Love of God. How many "fruits" of the gospel do we have that show us the love of God? Lots! We have the church itself, sacrament, book of mormon, priesthood, activities, plan of salvation, holy ghost, missionaries, FHE, hymns, prophets.... and much more! 
What if these people took of only one part of the fruit, and left it because they were ashamed? Like if someone ONLY ever went to the church activities. Never to church, never prayed, never read the scriptures. Only ever went to the activities. This would be like if someone only ever ate a banana the rest of their life. Yeah, at first, itd be cool, bananas are good. But after a while, it would get boring. Better to just leave it and never eat it, right? But if we had also the apple, grapes, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, ... we would love the fruit so much more, right? 
I thought about a lot of the Less Actives or Investigators we teach, and why they leave the Gospel. They dont really enjoy all the fruits the Gospel has to offer. They dont understand the importance. 
But then, I was thinking about US! Do we really use all the fruits it has for us? Do we take advantage of all the blessings our Heavenly Father has for us? Or do we by our disobedience reject them? 

I also thought a lot about what Nephi says... "the spirit said unto me LOOK! and I LOOKED" Look, and I looked. The spirit told him where to look, where he could find more "fruit" more knowledge, more interpretation. The Spirit always tells us too, to look here or there for many opportunities, but do we take them? He shows us so many ways to be an example, to share the gospel, to invite someone to do something, but do we take them? We are a light for the world, to lead them to this wonderful fruit, that is most desireable above all other fruit. 

One thing I liked that President told us this week in our conference, was that we can go out, talk to a million people about the gospel, but if we don't pray first for the guidance of the spirit, it wont do us any good. So first, we pray, then we listen to the spirit, and look where he tells us to look. 

I hope that all makes sense, it makes more sense in my head ;) 
But thats the invitation for you this week. Will you take of the fruit? Then will you look around for friends or family and invite them to take of the fruit too? 

Sounds like you all had a great week, your last week of Spring break! 
Dad finally got his new truck, how cool! Dont let the boys drive it! ;) hehe sounds like that must have been a great birthday present then ;) 
Speaking of Birthdays, it was also the birthday of our mamita this week, so we made here a cake too! But Ill say I made it for Dad too, and ate it for him. Since he's not here, and since it has Gluten ;) hehe 
And now today, is Mom's birthday too. Quite the week of Birthdays! 

I cant BELIEVE how big GARRETT has gotten! Wow, dad mentioned it to me in the letter, and yeah, I expected a little bigger. But I saw the pictures, WOW! you've sure gotten TALL! All you boys have grown so much! 

This week I felt a little better again for health. I had a few little headaches here and there, but not nearly as bad. I just hope I continue getting BETTER and not staying the same, or getting worse! 

We had more earthquakes again! Probably 5 or 6 bigger ones we felt this week. Nothing HUGE or destructive, but bigger than normal too. Theres lots of rumors about a huge one that will be coming.. but we hear so many differernt things, no one really knows ;) 

Last Monday, we hiked to the Morro de Arica. theres a little museum up there about the history of Arica and it was pretty cool! i have some pictures up on my Skydrive. 

Today, my companion and I bought Llama sweaters. I had been wanting one since I started the mission, because they are so cool! And everything is cheapest here in Arica, so finally, I got one ;) Pictures of that too! 

I emailed President today about my release date, I didnt have a chance to talk to him in our conference. So next week I should have an answer about what we can do about that. 

We were able to find some new investigators this week, thanks to member references. They are always SO much better when its a reference! ;) Whenever you can, give a ref to the missionaries! Anyone that pops into you head, its a "LOOK" from the Spirit! 

How are you all doing on your Book of Mormon Challenge? Anyone finish once yet? twice?? ;) 

Ok, I believe this email has gotten long enough! 
Be on the lookout this week for people you can invite to take of this wonderful, tasty fruit we have! 

Love you lots! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

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