28 October 2013

Kami Letter from Copiapo (dated 10/28/13)

Hey hey hey!
Another GREAT week!! My new companion is Hermana Tuft, from Springville, UT. Shes GREAT!!! Bringing lots of great new ideas to try with the memebrs and investigators, and its really going well. we`ve started by sharing the first vision with everyone. Its really a great way to invite the spirit and remind everyone the reason we have the church. 
I have come to have a new love and appreciation for the first vision. Of course, Ive always loved it, but just this focus on it this week, and the weeks to come, i`ve come to understand more how powerful it is. I encourage you all to read the Joseph Smith History... no matter how many times youve done that, you can always feel the spirit and feel prompted of people to share it with. 

My companion mentioned theres a "missionary mom" website you can join, and all the parents can talk about their kids on missions. I guess Hna Tuft`s mom talked to Hermana Rindlisbacher`s mom, and knew we were going to be companions before she even got here to tell her family! ;) I thought that maybe you guys would want to check that out. 

It`s weird. Copiapo here in this sector, is so far the sector Ive spent most time in. Still only been 3 months, but all the members here are so great, Ive come to love them all so much! I assume I have another 3ish months here, so it will be a good few months. Our ward attendance is continuing to grow, and it makes us all so excited! The ward planned a temple trip this weekend, and a bunch of them went. It was really cool to have them come home and talk to us all about their experiences and their testimonies. Its so crazy that they had to drive 12 hours to get to Santiago, the closest temple here. And if we drove 12 hours, in either direction, we would pass a TON! Its great to see their dedication and excitement to get to the temple. 

I talked to Bro Judd again yesterday. He took home a little box for you guys for Christmas.... but dont open it until Christmas!! Also, he said hes coming back here in 2 weeks! So if you still havent sent the package, you should talk to him again and just see when he will be coming back, and maybe if you can send it with him. Its a little more secure, sometimes the mail system here isnt too trusty ;) ALSO, then, if he is coming back, could you just send me some garments through him? haha I didnt have a chance to talk to the members here, and they ended up not even having time anyways. But if not, its okay ;) 

We had a new investigator this week, who we set a baptism date with! He is so great and receptive, and is really interested in all we have to offer with the Gospel. Its so great to see the Spirit work through people. So hopefully all continues to go well, and we have a baptism here in a couple weeks ;) 

We had an activity as a district today. We were going to go to the zoo here, but it was on strike, like all things here right now ;) haha So we just went down to the chapel and played games, and ate burritos. it was fun! 

So..... October is just about over. Crazy. That means CALEB IS TURNING 13!! My baby brother!! awww dudey! For real, every time you send me pictures, I cannot believe how big they are all getting! And how awesome hes planning things for his eagle. wow! 
That also means, that here in november, I will finish up 9 months in the mission. yikessss!! half way! It was SO fast, but also feels like Ive been here forever! But I wont dwell on it..that just makes it go faster! ;) 

Another cool thing I found out!! You all went to EFY this year, right?? Theres some songs on the CD, Mountains to Climb and Still and Quiet Moments. Definitely Hermana Tuft`s friend and the friends sister sang those songs. Cool, right?? 

I also LOVED Porter`s homecoming pictures. awww! Im so proud of that kid. Asking girls out! woo!! ;) ha 

Hope all goes well for you this weekkk!! Hope everything with your job goes well, dad. And that you are all staying happy and healthy! Remember who you are, and let your light shine!! 
Love you lotsss!!
<3 Hermana Severtson

21 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/21/2013)

Hello Hello!! 
Sounds like you all had a good week there!! Happy Anniversary! crazy how its already/only been 3 years, right?? Time sure does go by fast.... 

Another good week here, too, we had transfers again!!! And I`m staying ;) I will get a new companion, Hermana Tuft, also from the US, but I`m not sure where yet. She will get here tomorrow morning. It`s crazy, because before I never was in a sector for more than 2 transfers, but here I am, going on my third here, and it doesnt even feel much longer than any of my other ones. It`s crazy! But I love it, its a great ward!

Speaking of the ward, remember how I mentioned we had to double the attendance before it closes? Yesterday, we had 98 people in church... needing an average of 100 consistently to keep it a ward!! We were SO happyyyy!! And there were a few members too that werent able to make it, other less actives or converts that couldnt go as well, so we are on our way to keeping our ward here! 98 was the most our ward has had in a LONG time. We and our bishop were very excited ;) 

This week for real flew by. I dont even remember all that much that happened! And I always too keep a list of things I want to say to you all, and it`s not that big this time... haha but It was a good week, I remember that! ;) 

I talked to Bro Judd yesterday again, he leaves on Monday to go back to Arizona, and said I could send a little something home for Christmas for all ya ;) So I`ll give that to him on Sunday, and hopefully you can get in touch with him. The Chile mail system is all back to normal, no more strikes, for now ;) So everything should be all good there too. 

Speaking of Christmas, I listened to Ballard`s talk from Conference, about finding someone before Christmas and just sharing the gospel with them. I think that`s a great goal, and you all should definitely listen to that talk again too ;) Its a great one, and every time I hear it, I learn so much from it. 

Another thing I learned this week, that no matter what, everything happens for a reason. I know I`ve said that quite a bit, but I always find more and more reasons to think so. The people you meet, the experiences you have, everything. I`ve met so many people here that I know were put in my life for a reason. Heavenly Father knows what I`m going through, what someone else is going through, what we already have gone through, and how we can all help each other. So remember always, everyone you meet, learn something from them. And live so they can learn something from you. 

I wanted to say too, that I used my credit card last monday, I needed new shoes, bad. And for those garments, WOW, didn`t know they costed THAT much, so I`ll look into it here and see how it is. So don`t worry about it. As a matter of fact, our ward is going to Santiago this weekend to go to the temple, so maybe I can just ask someone there ;) 

Sorry so short again, but the time really just flies by so quick!! I still feel "new" here, but here I am almost halfway done. I`m starting to know a lot of people, many of my mission friends, going home. It makes me feel so weird!! I know it will come eventually for me, which makes me happy and sad, but seems like it will never come at the same time. Hermana Garbin, my first companion, just went home this week. CRAZY!! I was happy I got to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes before she left too. 

Make it a great week, I love you guyssss!!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

PS here are pictures attached of our bishop, my companion and I spelled CHILE with our shoes, our sweet tan lines we`ve got starting (and its still only spring here), my name that I saw a few times this week, for the first time ever in my life. ;)
More next weekk!!

14 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/14/2013)

Hello Hello!!! 
Hope you are all adjusting well from Fall Break!! Go back to school, work hard, and learn lots!! ;) Sounds like you sure had a great fall break, conference, riding quads, widsom teeth... super fun! ;) 

This week was another good one for us here in Copiapo, Chile. 
Tuesday, we had interviews with President Dalton. In between everyones interview, we listened to (us north americans) some of the Mission President Seminars from the MTC in 2011, and those were really cool. Everything about finding new people to teach, which was exactly what we needed this week. The Latinos watched some talks from the area presidency of the 50 year anniversary of the Chile Mission. After those, we all watched more about the 50 years, history of Chile (Parley P Pratt stopped here on their boat journey to Utah, but held back from preaching the gospel because he knew it wasnt their time, but promised that when the time was here, the church would grow fast!). They were really neat videos! 
I asked about my schooling too. President said that if I`d be leaving more than 30 days before my end date, he has to get it approved by the area presidency and the missionary department, and they dont encourage doing it. But, he said if I need to go home a little early for my scholarship and stuff, we could make something work. So we`ll see I guess once it gets a little closer. Maybe I could email one of my counselors to see what they would think is best--just starting right away, or if i can defer my scholarship to start in January. We will see! 

This week we did a lot of contacting too. We are in need of lots of new investigators. Most people said to come back this next week, so will! BUT, there was one 13 year old boy that told us to come back the next day, and said they were Catholic. To be honest, I was a little skeptical, because he`s 13, and I was pretty sure he wouldnt be home, then his parents would say they weren`t interested. But, we went back anyway. The mom answers the door, and said that she was baptized, went for a few years, then stopped going to church, we found a less active! We went in and shared something with them, and she said she loved the visit and that we can come back whenever we want. She has "yours mine and ours" in her family, so kinda like ours, but the "ours" ;) haha and lots of young boys running around, reminded me of home ;) haha They`re great!! 

Another less active, has always answered her door saying "Im busy, I have a visit, Im always busy". But we always stop by and visit her. Last weekend, she actually came out of her house and talked to us for a little while, and told us to come back Saturday. SO, this Saturday we went back, and at first she said "Im busy!" then turned around and let us in her house. For the first time. That was neat too. We had been praying for her, and hoping we can share something, and we did! It was really neat! 

This week too, there has been really cool sunsets. Unfortunately, I didnt have my camera on me when they were really neat. BUT, it reminded me of when I was little, and you`d say "sky on fire" and I`d get so mad! haha Youd tell me to repeat after you "sky"..sky... "on"...on..."fire"...sunset. haha For real though, this sunset was literally "SKY ON FIRE" ;) maybe this week if its neat again, I`ll snap a foto. 

Can you believe it? We have cambios again this week. These past 6 weeks went REALLY fast!! Im now 8 months in, 10 left. This mission really is flying by. I love every minute of it, and want it to go fast because I miss you all so much, but also am sad at how fast its going, because I love the mission so much! We`ll see what happens this next week. We find out Saturday what happens. I think I`m probably staying here, but there`s no guarantees!! 

I talked to Bro Judd yesterday at church. He`s going back to arizona the end of the month, and coming back around the first of the year. I think I`ll send with him a little something for you guys, if he doesn`t mind. :) Hopefully he can, or if I send a package, youll get it after Christmas! ;) 

That`s crazy that Race for the Cure was this weekend, I totally forgot about it. But I think you`re right, going to church was probably better. :) Wow! I always loved doing that though. My foot hasnt been too bad lately, so hopefully next year we can do it! ;) 

As for your question for Porter and his scholarship to ASU, if they havent changed anything, they automatically apply you for scholarships when you apply for the school. Just put everything in your application, grades, up to date, school involvement, test scores on ACT or SAT, everything you can. they look at all that when they consider your application. Im sure Porter will get a good one, his grades are better than mine were! Hows he doing on his rank?? still tied for 8th or something with 5 others? ;)

Another thing I wanted to mention, was Uchtdorf`s talk from Priesthood Session. I downloaded the Priesthood talks last week and have been listening to them. That one is really good!!! I love it! Always getting back up when you fall. It`s okay! It was one of my favorites ;) 

Anyways, thats about all for this week!! 
Enjoy your week back at school, Dad, enjoy Chicago. Hope all is going well for all of you. Thanks for all your love and support!! 

Love you lots!!
--Hermana Kami Severtson

07 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/7/13)

heyyy!!! AHHH I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!! they all are super cool! ;) so awesome!! You gotta make sure to send me a christmas card...and tell everyone else to too!
sounds like you all had a good time at conference and all too. how fun! are you on fall break?
I looked for you guys! But didnt see you ;( But conference was amazing! all of it. I loved the talks by Hales, Uchtdorf, and the BYU football guy. Ahh!! all soo amazing ;)

Guess what else? I finally got a letter from Kimilee ;) And Colton too! So fun! 

I sent you all a letter my first week here in Copiapo. Then there was a big strike in the mail here, so all the letters got backed up...but have you ever gotten it?

So we found another rat this week...then it disappeared. We didnt hear it for a couple days, then we did again. But luckily our District Leader found some rat poison in his pension, and gave it to us. Hopefully it works! We dont want more! haha 
But this was quite the story. We heard it, then chased it with brooms and Hermana Rindlisbacher and Santos caught it between the two brooms. It was there for a good while, then somehow slipped away. and ran under the oven. we decided to light the oven because the rat would run away once it started to get hot. But our oven has a problem, and when we light it, the fire comes OUT of the oven a bit, because of the gas. Anyway, apparently every time we light it, its worse. So Hna Santos lit it, and it was so HUGE! She burnt her hand and face a little from the flame. And now we decided we will never use our oven again. AND we still have the rat. haha

We had a ward party Friday night too. We celebrated the independence day, because everyone was gone that week. It was so fun! They did relays, danced the Cueca, which is the national dance here, we ate empanadas, sopaipillas, ... super fun! 

I decided for school, Im going to talk to my mission president about coming home a transfer early...I feel like that would be best so I can get everything figured out. We (perfect timing) have interviews with him tomorrow, so I will ask him then. That way I can get my clinic things done, not worry about my scholarship, and have plenty of time to relax before I start everything back up. 

I also used my credit card last week...so theres a charge on there ;) 

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. Sorry my letter is short this week, the internet is being weird and kept cutting out, so I dont have TOO much time. But enjoy your vacation, hope all is well with Gma and Gpa Clark home. 

I love you all lotsss!!
<3 Hermana Severtson