24 February 2014

Tu Eres Mi Hija

Buenas Tardes! 
We had a good week here! We had transfers again... we stay here together! all 6 of us Hermanas in the district/zone stay together, so that will be fun! ;) 

I had fun this week reading back in my journal from the last year. Funny how different the MTC is... and how I thought I loved it so much. but HERE is SO much better! ;) 
I was reading back, and remembered something one of our teachers taught us about regrets. We had had a "bad" lesson with our "investigator" and we were pretty down. But my teacher had talked to us, and told us that we should never have regrets as long as we did our best. Because we couldnt have done any more. I really liked that, and had forgotten about it. And it was the perfect advice I needed for that day too. Cool how that happens sometimes ;) 

A sad moment... my companion's dad passed away this week. It was a hard couple days, but things are better now. She's happier, more motivated, and we keep going. It was neat too, to have another experience being able to share that moment with someone. Perfect how us two were put together, and we can understand each other. 

I want to take a moment, and brag about Norma. ;) haha She was at work for the last 10 days, and finally came home yesterday. She showed up at church, happy as ever. And we went to her house at night to share something with her, her sister, and her brother in law (who is Jehovah's Witness). We come, she made us some YUMMY Peruvian food, but she was fasting. yep. Just because she wanted to ;) And she was bearing her testimony of the Book of Mormon, of the Church, ... its great! ;) Shes really an amazing lady ;) 

I read in the Pearl of Great Price this week, Moses 1. It was a chapter that I hadn't read in a while...so I decided to start it. I really liked it, a lot. It got me thinking too. So Moses, sees God and is talking with him. Tells him he is his son, he sees all the creations, its gotta be awe-strucking. After, he is in amazement. Satan comes to him, right at that moment, and says to him "Moses, son of man..." and tries to tempt him. Moses could have easily believed Satan. He could have easily talked himself out of what he saw, it could be "illogical" he could be "crazy". But I love his answer. "Where is YOUR glory?" He didnt give in to any temptation. He knew what he saw, he knew his potential. And he wasnt going to deny it. 
Then I thought. How many times do we do that? No, we don't see God. But we do have great spiritual experiences, we have testimony-builders, we see miracles. But Satan comes to talk us out of it. We cant SEE things of God, but we SEE things of the world... so its easier to believe. But, Satan has NO glory, and never will. We just need to stick to what we know, doubt our doubts and not the faith, and stay strong. 

We really are sons and daughters of God. He has all power and all glory, and we have the amazing opportunity to have all that he has, and live with him again. Satan is here to distract us, but as long as we focus in the Savior, keep praying, and endure to the end, he will have no power over us. 

Ok, sorry its a short letter again this week, but that's all for today! 
I love you lotsssss!! 
--Hna Severtson

17 February 2014

Like As It Were Unto Us A Dream

This week, I was thinking about that rainbow thing. And ya know, having an optimistic outlook like that, really does help. Heres some I recogized:

-Why we have the Book of Mormon. We have an investigator who isnt believing anything we say, because all she reads in the bible is a different interpretation. THAT is why we have the Book of Mormon and Doctine and Convenants. How important, right? All this confusion, but for modern prophets, we dont have to be so confused! 

-Power of Prayer and fasting. Again. My companion found out last week her dad is really bad in health right now. We prayed a lot, fasted, and she got a blessing. Really, within a day, we got news that her dad was doing a lot better. 

-Members. We had a great week, lots of love from members. Always making new friends with them, and enjoying the time we get with them! 

- Goals. Setting goals is great. Its the only way to progress. Our district leader set a goal for each companionship in our district to do 50 contacts by the end of the week... HARD. But, we did it! :) and we found quite a few future investigators to pass back another day! 

-Efy music. I love it. Thanks again for sending me that SD card, its the greatest thing ever!! 

So, this week, I finished a year of the mission. 2/3. wowwwww. That was so fast! Hence the title of this weeks email. Jacob 7:26. I was thinking about the last year, and how weird it was! haha It feels like FOREVER ago, but just yesterday at the same time! I remembered leaving Desert Schools, then going to get all the last minute things done that Saturday. My farewell talk and open house. Going to CostaVida with Dad for lunch my last day at home. Being in the MTC, and learning SO MUCH THERE. 
Then, thinking about Iquique, Antofagasta, Copiapo, and now Arica. And how I really dont remember that much from Iquique.. it feels like so long ago! haha 
So, thats one understanding Ive come to... understanding how life feels just like a big, long dream. And, Im sure as life goes on, Ill just understand it THAT much more! 

Also, that same day, Feb 13, was my Companion's birthday. 21! So we enjoyed cake 3 times that day, and another the 14th. ahhhhhh we didnt feel too good. haha but for lunch, she made mexican food for us, YUM, and it was what I was missing! Then, the Elders in our ward planned a surprise "meeting with the bishop" but our whole district was there in the chapel and we had more cake. Then a FHE with an investigator, and she made MORE cake. haha It was a fun, party day! 

We had Stake Conference.... transmission for the North of Chile. Elder Corbridge, Mervyn B Arnold, Cheryl Esplin, and Elder Cook all spoke. It was a great conference!! I learned so much! 

I had a few dreams this week, that I was home. That was weird. It was as if I had finished my mission, but I couldnt remember anything from the last 6 months, because it happened so fast. haha like i left right now, but it was the end of my mission. 

Ok, well I finally finished uploading all my pictures too...so you can go check those out in Skydrive! ;) 

Happy Birthday this week to Lexine and Tyson! 

Also, I wrote Grandma Reed a letter I want to send her, but I dont have the address. Can you send it to me? Or maybe it would be better to send it to Gma Severtson? Just let me know ;) 

I Hope you all have a GREAT week! I love you lots! See you in 6 months!! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

10 February 2014

I Love To Look For Rainbows

We had a FANTASTIC week this week! 
It went by FAST, but it was a good one! 
NORMA GOT BAPTIZED!! Sorry, Im on a computer that I cant upload pictures.... so next week. But it was a great baptism! She's really amazing, already such great testimony and great faith. Telling us of family and friends that we can teach. She's an amazing convert! ;) 

We started English classes again this week too! They were fun! Everyone that came is excited to learn, and happy about the classes. And excited to bring their friends too this week! 

I made chocolate chip cookies, and brought them to the bishop, our mamita, the district meeting, and everyone LOVED them!! asking for the recipe, for me to make more... haha 

I also started my Personal Progress in Spanish. I want to do the whole thing again, but all in Spanish! I got 3 or 4 experiences done this week, and Im working on a couple more. 

I also this week... tried.... stomach. haha Not as bad as I thought, the texture was bad.. like eating pure fat. ha but hey, I tried it! ha 

The conference with Quentin L Cook... I was wrong. He's not actually COMING here. haha its a transmission, but just for the north of Chile. I assume he will be in Antofagasta or something. But still, just us Northerners ;) 

SO happy to hear Garrett and Maizey went on their first dates! ay ay ay!! everyone is SO OLD 

Speaking of OLD, I "turn" a year this week.... oh my goodness, fastest year of my life! hahaha  

This week with the baptism, I remembered the Primary song, When I Am Baptized, and how it starts "I like to look for rainbows" and wow, I thought of how great that phrase is. Looking for rainbows, looking for the good in everything. Everything has color, everything has positive. and after the rain, after the darkness and hard times, this rainbow always comes. we have that promise. 
Thats my goal for this week, LOOK FOR RAINBOWS. notice the good in everything! And I encourage you to do the same! 

Sorry for this short-ish email for this week! But I hope you all have a greeaattt week! 

--hna severtson

03 February 2014

Si Te Sientes Alegre...

I must say, this week was a very great, full of learning week. 

First off though, Happy Birthday to Maizey and Jonah this week! Man, I havent even been gone a year yet, and everyone is already getting so OLD! hahaha but hey, me too.... another couple months Ill be 21... ay ay ay! I was thinking how weird it is... none of you even "knew" me when I was 20... haha 

Anyway.... yes. It was a great week. During study earlier this week, I came across a scripture that I instantly loved. Doctrine and Covenants 136:28-29. I dont know exactly what it is in English, so I wont use the exact words. haha but I really liked how it said, if you are happy, show your praises to God, but if you are sad, pray that he will help you change that and be happy! God wants us to be happy because we are his children. He has given us SO many blessings, we should always be thankful and happy. But as humans, we will have these times where we feel sadness... but we dont need to feel it, because we are here to have joy! 
I really liked those verses, and thought about them a lot this week. 

This week, we had a death in the ward. A lady, Gladys, had cancer, and had been suffering for quite a while. My companion and I had visited her once, and had passed by a few times to visit her again. She lives with her mom, husband, son (21ish) , and daughter (18). Every time we stopped by, someone would tell us she wasnt feeling good and was resting, and that we should stop by another day. 
We stopped by this week on Wednesday, and she wasnt doing very good at all. We were talking with her mom, and she starts telling us that her husband was killed by cancer, and now its killing her daughter, and she was just really down for that. I mentioned to her that I too, had lost my mom to cancer, and that I understood how she felt. She told us to try back on Friday, and if the daughter still wasnt feeling good, she would like to talk to us too ;) 
Thats when it hit me. I realized it was Garrett's birthday, and it was his birthday, 4 years ago, when we found out that mom's cancer couldn't be healed this time. I remembered at first, how we had "snow" in the backyard, and how everyone helped, served, and loved us so much during that hard time. But then, I just felt different. Not sad, not discouraged, just "off". Those next couple days, I just kept thinking about all of that. I couldn't get it off my mind. I don't really know why. I honestly think it was just Satan coming in to distract me, and he was doing it. I really couldnt focus. 
On Friday morning, we stopped by to visit this member. She wasn't home, because the daughter had died that morning... they were in the chapel getting ready for the funeral and viewing. That hit me worse. I was already having a hard time remembering what it was like, and now I saw it happening to someone else, right before my eyes. We decided to go down to the church to see if we could help anyone there. The walk over there, my mind kept racing... I knew it was going to be hard. We walked it, and seeing that family, I couldn't help but cry! I don't even know them very well, but just understanding their feelings, it was hard. 
The Bishop came up and talked to us, and asked me if I wanted a blessing. That was perfect. He gave me the perfect blessing I needed in that moment, with the exact words I needed to hear. That blessing reminded me of the power of the Priesthood. I KNOW its real! Without a doubt, its the power of God here on the earth. He knows us, he knows our struggles, and he knows what we need. And through the Priesthood power, he can give it to us. 
Since that blessing, I have felt so much better. Stronger, happier, more focused. Its perfect ;) 

This week too, we had interviews with President. It's always great to be able to talk to him and his wife and hear their inspiring words. I talked to Pres. about school, and we are going to talk to my counselors and see what needs to be done. They can do whatever I need to do. I just need to know what to do ;) 
They also came to our ward! They are so loving, it was a neat experience too for our ward to hear from them and meet them. 

Guess what??? We have Stake Conference in a couple weeks..... QUENTIN L COOK is coming! Cooooll!!! ;) 

I got letters this week! From Micah and family and the Kendalls! ;) Thank you so much! 

Im so jealous you get to go to the temple open house!! how fun!! I wish I could see it... but I guess Ill just go when Im home ;) enjoy it!! invite friends! ;)

This week coming up will be a good one too! We are starting English Classes again, and we will have a baptism! ;) WOO HOO!! 

Ok, thats all for now! Enjoy your week, Be happy, and be strong! 
I love you!! 
--Hermana Severtson