10 February 2014

I Love To Look For Rainbows

We had a FANTASTIC week this week! 
It went by FAST, but it was a good one! 
NORMA GOT BAPTIZED!! Sorry, Im on a computer that I cant upload pictures.... so next week. But it was a great baptism! She's really amazing, already such great testimony and great faith. Telling us of family and friends that we can teach. She's an amazing convert! ;) 

We started English classes again this week too! They were fun! Everyone that came is excited to learn, and happy about the classes. And excited to bring their friends too this week! 

I made chocolate chip cookies, and brought them to the bishop, our mamita, the district meeting, and everyone LOVED them!! asking for the recipe, for me to make more... haha 

I also started my Personal Progress in Spanish. I want to do the whole thing again, but all in Spanish! I got 3 or 4 experiences done this week, and Im working on a couple more. 

I also this week... tried.... stomach. haha Not as bad as I thought, the texture was bad.. like eating pure fat. ha but hey, I tried it! ha 

The conference with Quentin L Cook... I was wrong. He's not actually COMING here. haha its a transmission, but just for the north of Chile. I assume he will be in Antofagasta or something. But still, just us Northerners ;) 

SO happy to hear Garrett and Maizey went on their first dates! ay ay ay!! everyone is SO OLD 

Speaking of OLD, I "turn" a year this week.... oh my goodness, fastest year of my life! hahaha  

This week with the baptism, I remembered the Primary song, When I Am Baptized, and how it starts "I like to look for rainbows" and wow, I thought of how great that phrase is. Looking for rainbows, looking for the good in everything. Everything has color, everything has positive. and after the rain, after the darkness and hard times, this rainbow always comes. we have that promise. 
Thats my goal for this week, LOOK FOR RAINBOWS. notice the good in everything! And I encourage you to do the same! 

Sorry for this short-ish email for this week! But I hope you all have a greeaattt week! 

--hna severtson

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