17 February 2014

Like As It Were Unto Us A Dream

This week, I was thinking about that rainbow thing. And ya know, having an optimistic outlook like that, really does help. Heres some I recogized:

-Why we have the Book of Mormon. We have an investigator who isnt believing anything we say, because all she reads in the bible is a different interpretation. THAT is why we have the Book of Mormon and Doctine and Convenants. How important, right? All this confusion, but for modern prophets, we dont have to be so confused! 

-Power of Prayer and fasting. Again. My companion found out last week her dad is really bad in health right now. We prayed a lot, fasted, and she got a blessing. Really, within a day, we got news that her dad was doing a lot better. 

-Members. We had a great week, lots of love from members. Always making new friends with them, and enjoying the time we get with them! 

- Goals. Setting goals is great. Its the only way to progress. Our district leader set a goal for each companionship in our district to do 50 contacts by the end of the week... HARD. But, we did it! :) and we found quite a few future investigators to pass back another day! 

-Efy music. I love it. Thanks again for sending me that SD card, its the greatest thing ever!! 

So, this week, I finished a year of the mission. 2/3. wowwwww. That was so fast! Hence the title of this weeks email. Jacob 7:26. I was thinking about the last year, and how weird it was! haha It feels like FOREVER ago, but just yesterday at the same time! I remembered leaving Desert Schools, then going to get all the last minute things done that Saturday. My farewell talk and open house. Going to CostaVida with Dad for lunch my last day at home. Being in the MTC, and learning SO MUCH THERE. 
Then, thinking about Iquique, Antofagasta, Copiapo, and now Arica. And how I really dont remember that much from Iquique.. it feels like so long ago! haha 
So, thats one understanding Ive come to... understanding how life feels just like a big, long dream. And, Im sure as life goes on, Ill just understand it THAT much more! 

Also, that same day, Feb 13, was my Companion's birthday. 21! So we enjoyed cake 3 times that day, and another the 14th. ahhhhhh we didnt feel too good. haha but for lunch, she made mexican food for us, YUM, and it was what I was missing! Then, the Elders in our ward planned a surprise "meeting with the bishop" but our whole district was there in the chapel and we had more cake. Then a FHE with an investigator, and she made MORE cake. haha It was a fun, party day! 

We had Stake Conference.... transmission for the North of Chile. Elder Corbridge, Mervyn B Arnold, Cheryl Esplin, and Elder Cook all spoke. It was a great conference!! I learned so much! 

I had a few dreams this week, that I was home. That was weird. It was as if I had finished my mission, but I couldnt remember anything from the last 6 months, because it happened so fast. haha like i left right now, but it was the end of my mission. 

Ok, well I finally finished uploading all my pictures too...so you can go check those out in Skydrive! ;) 

Happy Birthday this week to Lexine and Tyson! 

Also, I wrote Grandma Reed a letter I want to send her, but I dont have the address. Can you send it to me? Or maybe it would be better to send it to Gma Severtson? Just let me know ;) 

I Hope you all have a GREAT week! I love you lots! See you in 6 months!! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

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