31 March 2014

Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Hello Familia! 
Wow, this week flew by again!! crazy how every week goes faster and faster.... its exciting and sad too. We continue with earthquake and Tsunami warnings... but Im not afraid. I really dont feel like anything will happen, but IF it does, we are prepared!! 

Thats so cool about all those kids getting their mission calls! WOW! They all seem so young! All my "freshman buddies" from Williams Field..and now they are all seniors, about to graduate, with their mission calls. But great for them! A lot of them will be learning Spanish, and I can talk to them! Are they leaving right as school gets out? 

Speaking of school... Registration this week, right? If possible, try to get me all classes Tuesday/Thursday. I liked that last time when I had that. Then the internshipMonday, Wed, or Fri. Thatd be perfect! But just depends what they have available for my program too. 
Did the counselor ever say anything too about if I can to the minor or emphasis in Spanish?

This week, the ward put on a really neat activity for the endowed members. Everyone came in white, and the bishopric spoke, watched a couple videos about the temple, and a short testimony meeting. it was really great, and the spirit so strong! 

we did a Mini-MTC with the members too this week. It was a great meeting as well! Us 4 missionaries in the ward planned a short little class, then we did a few role-plays, and went out and did contacts! It was neat because we got to find a lot of new people to teach!! COOL! 

Cant believe today is Dad's last day at Motorola. Seems like forever hes been there...as long as I can remember! But, it will be good too to continue working for Grandpa and helping him there. Maybe I can help ya out there too in a few more months ;) hehe 

Conference is this weekend!! Wow, how amazing! I always love this time of year, this time we get to listen to the Prophet of the Lord, the Apostles, and other church leaders. 
Remember too, that if you go with a question, it will be answered!! Me being here on a mission, in Chile, is proof of that! I remember I went with my question... "should I go on a mission??" when the age was still 21 for the women... and not expecting that answer, I changed my question to "how can I be a better missionary where I am?" haha, then, the age changed. That was definitely not an answer I expected, but its definitely the greatest answer I've recieved in my life!! 
So, this week, prepare for conference, and go with a question. And I promise you, that you will recieve your answer!! 

Well, I think thats about it for this week.... We have transfers this weekend, with just about anything that can happen since we came here together. We could stay another transfer, I leave, or her leave. We will see!! Next week I'll letcha know ;) 

Love you all LOTSSS!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Enjoy your week, and make it a good one! 
....Hermana Severtson <3

24 March 2014

¿Tomarás del Fruto?

This week, I was able to read in my personal study Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. I had read it and heard it many times before, but this time, I wanted to get something different from it. 
This time, I really started thinking about the different groups of people Lehi saw. There were those who didn't come, not even LOOK at the tree, not wanting anything to do with it. There were those who came, and took, and loved it! Then there were those who took it, and embarrassed, left. I got to thinking, why? If its all the same fruit, why do some people love it, and others leave it? If its the most desireable, why are they ashamed? 
Well, we know the fruit and the tree represent the Love of God. How many "fruits" of the gospel do we have that show us the love of God? Lots! We have the church itself, sacrament, book of mormon, priesthood, activities, plan of salvation, holy ghost, missionaries, FHE, hymns, prophets.... and much more! 
What if these people took of only one part of the fruit, and left it because they were ashamed? Like if someone ONLY ever went to the church activities. Never to church, never prayed, never read the scriptures. Only ever went to the activities. This would be like if someone only ever ate a banana the rest of their life. Yeah, at first, itd be cool, bananas are good. But after a while, it would get boring. Better to just leave it and never eat it, right? But if we had also the apple, grapes, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, ... we would love the fruit so much more, right? 
I thought about a lot of the Less Actives or Investigators we teach, and why they leave the Gospel. They dont really enjoy all the fruits the Gospel has to offer. They dont understand the importance. 
But then, I was thinking about US! Do we really use all the fruits it has for us? Do we take advantage of all the blessings our Heavenly Father has for us? Or do we by our disobedience reject them? 

I also thought a lot about what Nephi says... "the spirit said unto me LOOK! and I LOOKED" Look, and I looked. The spirit told him where to look, where he could find more "fruit" more knowledge, more interpretation. The Spirit always tells us too, to look here or there for many opportunities, but do we take them? He shows us so many ways to be an example, to share the gospel, to invite someone to do something, but do we take them? We are a light for the world, to lead them to this wonderful fruit, that is most desireable above all other fruit. 

One thing I liked that President told us this week in our conference, was that we can go out, talk to a million people about the gospel, but if we don't pray first for the guidance of the spirit, it wont do us any good. So first, we pray, then we listen to the spirit, and look where he tells us to look. 

I hope that all makes sense, it makes more sense in my head ;) 
But thats the invitation for you this week. Will you take of the fruit? Then will you look around for friends or family and invite them to take of the fruit too? 

Sounds like you all had a great week, your last week of Spring break! 
Dad finally got his new truck, how cool! Dont let the boys drive it! ;) hehe sounds like that must have been a great birthday present then ;) 
Speaking of Birthdays, it was also the birthday of our mamita this week, so we made here a cake too! But Ill say I made it for Dad too, and ate it for him. Since he's not here, and since it has Gluten ;) hehe 
And now today, is Mom's birthday too. Quite the week of Birthdays! 

I cant BELIEVE how big GARRETT has gotten! Wow, dad mentioned it to me in the letter, and yeah, I expected a little bigger. But I saw the pictures, WOW! you've sure gotten TALL! All you boys have grown so much! 

This week I felt a little better again for health. I had a few little headaches here and there, but not nearly as bad. I just hope I continue getting BETTER and not staying the same, or getting worse! 

We had more earthquakes again! Probably 5 or 6 bigger ones we felt this week. Nothing HUGE or destructive, but bigger than normal too. Theres lots of rumors about a huge one that will be coming.. but we hear so many differernt things, no one really knows ;) 

Last Monday, we hiked to the Morro de Arica. theres a little museum up there about the history of Arica and it was pretty cool! i have some pictures up on my Skydrive. 

Today, my companion and I bought Llama sweaters. I had been wanting one since I started the mission, because they are so cool! And everything is cheapest here in Arica, so finally, I got one ;) Pictures of that too! 

I emailed President today about my release date, I didnt have a chance to talk to him in our conference. So next week I should have an answer about what we can do about that. 

We were able to find some new investigators this week, thanks to member references. They are always SO much better when its a reference! ;) Whenever you can, give a ref to the missionaries! Anyone that pops into you head, its a "LOOK" from the Spirit! 

How are you all doing on your Book of Mormon Challenge? Anyone finish once yet? twice?? ;) 

Ok, I believe this email has gotten long enough! 
Be on the lookout this week for people you can invite to take of this wonderful, tasty fruit we have! 

Love you lots! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

17 March 2014

Kami letter from Arica, Chile (dated 3/17/2014)


This week was better than the last, por lo menos. (Sorry for my spanish phrases... I dont really remember a flowing way to say it in English :) )

I did have a little bit of health issues again... as with my whole mission ;) hehe Just the headache and it trying to get better. Just being exhausted still and small headaches here and there. 

Speaking of health issues, what is my health history? What genetic things do i have in my family history that I should be aware of? The Phramacist asked me the other day, and I had no idea... so I figured I should probabloy know that ;) 

We had a cool ward activity this week. But it started out with an "advertising attempt" by us missionaries. We "Dimos Jugo" in the park. Here in Chile the phrase "Dar Jugo" (Give juice) means to waste time, use it unproductively...so it was a little ironic. But we bought juice to give to the people passing, and to invite them to our ward activity. It was fun!
In the activity we watched the new movie Ephraim's Rescue. I definitely recommend it. It's a great one about positive attitude, the priesthood, and pioneers. I loved it!

Last night, we had a good adventure! 
We were sitting in with a less active family, and an earthquake started!!! Here in Arica it was a 6.5 degree, not strong necessarily, but long. 
Next thing we know, theres a Tsunami warning.... I wasnt too nervous, I didnt think much would happen. Until President calls everyone, wanting us to get to a safe zone. THAT made me a little worried, that pres was worried. So we had to go to the pension of other Hermanas for the night, where we slept not so well on the ground ;) 
Nothing happened, all is good, and no more warning ;) But it was quite the adventure! 

This week, I thought a lot about Alma 26:11-12.  In our own strength, we can do nothing. Only through the strength of the Lord. If we boast in our own strength, we are denying all God has given us. 
I thought about this as I was really sick the other day. I just wanted to get UP and OUT SO BAD. I would try a little, then just get exhausted really quickly. I was getting really frustrated and impatient with myself. I am NEVER sick that bad or that long. Then that scripture came to my mind "In HIS strength, I can do all things". The Lord has this plan for us. My strength was weak, but in HIS strength, I was able to heal. I had already recieved the priesthood blessing, it was just my faith and confidence waiting for his timing. 
Our whole life is like this. Without Christ and the Gospel in our lives, we have no REAL strength. We might have our own personal "strengths" at times, but nothing that will last forever. Our strength in our testimonies will lead us, guide us, and give us the power that we need to go throughout our lives. 
Never doubt what you know. Remember that you really do, know a lot. 

I love you all!! 
Sorry for another short email this week, another one of those that passed quickly!! ;) 
have a great week of Spring Break! Use it productively ;) hehe 

--Hermana Severtson

10 March 2014

Courage to Stand Strong

Wow, Quite the week! 

Sadly, not very eventful in a good way. 

Tuesday, well first off, the 4 years since mom's passing. Its so weird, only 4 years! SO much has happened in that 4 years, I cant even believe how much has changed! But its good change, so its okay. Its always in the moments when we lose something special, that Heavenly Father gives us something bigger and greater in return. He knows whats best. 

Tuesday too, my companion slammed her thumb in the car door, so we were in the Clinica trying to figure out what was wrong with it...if it was fractured or something. no, but it was in a LOT of pain, so she got different meds to help her. 

Along with pain, ay. Since last Monday, I've had this horrible headache. Right next to my eyes, the temple I think its called. To my ear, to the back of my neck. And you know me, I never have headaches or anything, or if I do, its small, and I take an ibruprofin and it helps it. I took a couple different pain meds, and nothing helped. 
By Thursday, it got worse, so the Elders gave me a blessing. Friday, I woke up, okay at first, so I got in the shower, and it killed me. I had NO energy, I felt dizzy, my head killed.... so I rested a little. I felt a little better, so we left to go work, and the same thing happened again. I had NO strength! We took my blood pressure, 160/80... I know nothing about blood pressure, but apparently thats REALLY high. I had a fever, my heart beating fast.... So we went home and I rested again. 
Saturday, the same thing. The Elders came to give me another blessing, we called the mission doctor, and he gave me a few meds too. It helped with the pressure and such, but nothing look away the pain. 
Sunday, we just went to sacrament meeting, becuase it wore me out. We went to eat with a member, and she said it was probably stressed. I had a huge knot on the back of my neck in the muscles and what not, and she rubbed it out a little, then we went home, and my companion did too. So today, I feel a lot better. Not 100% still, my neck still hurts and my head a little too, but better for sure. i just hope i keep getting better, and not worse again. 

This week, I was working on my Personal Progress in Integrity. I read a bunch of stories that I loved the courage of the people. For example:
Daniel. He stuck up for his beliefs, and was sent to the lions den to die. BUT, because of his faith and courage, he lived. The king then believed HIM and his God. 
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. Told they HAD to pray to the idol. They could have easily pretended or stayed home, but instead, they too stood up for what they believed and told the king. The king sent them to the fire, and they didnt burn. Not even the SMELL of the fire stayed on them. Then too, the king changed his believes to their God. 

I loved these stories. Ones Ive obviousy heard before, but not really studied. They are great examples to us, when we stick up for God and for what is right, we are blessed. We recieve immediate blessings. God is on our side. Most likely, we wont be sent to the Lions or to be burned in a fire, but we have other little "punishments" sometimes from the social aspect. But these "punishments" will do us no harm, because its Gods eyes and Gods judgement that really matters. 

Always stick up for what is right, even if you stand alone. God is there with you, on your side. and will bless you more than you can even count. Courage is powerful, and changes things. If we have courage, I know we will see miracles. People see the differences in us, and are blessed by our commitment! 

I love you all LOTS!! 
have a marvelous week! 

--Hermana Severtson

03 March 2014

La Fe

well... we really didnt do anything super great and amazing this week. Just one of those normal missionary weeks, ya know? So this email will be short this week ;) 

Thats AWESOME about the Gilbert Temple celebration and dedication! how fun! ahh i want to see that temple SO BAD! I remember being able to drive past it every day to work, and seeing it grow! then finally left as it finished ;) 

And the accident from Porter and Garrett! ay! I hope all's okay, and that everyone was okay too. Thats too bad, but every kids gotta have one, right? at least it was minor ;) just the poor truck! ;) 

Today, we had a fun district activity! We first went to a.... desert. haha about a half hour outside of Arica. Theres these huge rocks that were put there... for who knows why. but theyre cool! Well, we finished there by like 10, and decided we wanted to do more. So we all went to Playa Corazones. Theres these caves and stuff, and it was super cool! I have more pictures on my Skydrive, but i uploaded a couple here too. It was sure a fun morning! Just EXHAUSTED now! haha 

This week, my companion and I focused on faith. this transfer, we are going to focus on one trait a week. We didnt do TOO much this week, but by the end, we realized how much we really did. With fast sunday, our investigators, and our principles of the gospel class even just happened to be Faith in Jesus Christ. It was kinda neat ;) Faith is something small, but very powerful. Something that is never "too big" and can always grow! I got to see too that I have more faith in some areas than others, and those areas are constantly changing. But I got to see where I need to work a little more. Its so great. I love how before Christ did any miracle, he asks, "do you believe" or "by your faith it is done". he wont and cant do any miracle if we dont believe it. Faith is great!! 

well, sorry, im short today! hopefully more next week ;) 
I hope you all have a great week!! and have a chance to stop by the temple ;) 
love you all a TON!! 

--Hermana Severtson