10 March 2014

Courage to Stand Strong

Wow, Quite the week! 

Sadly, not very eventful in a good way. 

Tuesday, well first off, the 4 years since mom's passing. Its so weird, only 4 years! SO much has happened in that 4 years, I cant even believe how much has changed! But its good change, so its okay. Its always in the moments when we lose something special, that Heavenly Father gives us something bigger and greater in return. He knows whats best. 

Tuesday too, my companion slammed her thumb in the car door, so we were in the Clinica trying to figure out what was wrong with it...if it was fractured or something. no, but it was in a LOT of pain, so she got different meds to help her. 

Along with pain, ay. Since last Monday, I've had this horrible headache. Right next to my eyes, the temple I think its called. To my ear, to the back of my neck. And you know me, I never have headaches or anything, or if I do, its small, and I take an ibruprofin and it helps it. I took a couple different pain meds, and nothing helped. 
By Thursday, it got worse, so the Elders gave me a blessing. Friday, I woke up, okay at first, so I got in the shower, and it killed me. I had NO energy, I felt dizzy, my head killed.... so I rested a little. I felt a little better, so we left to go work, and the same thing happened again. I had NO strength! We took my blood pressure, 160/80... I know nothing about blood pressure, but apparently thats REALLY high. I had a fever, my heart beating fast.... So we went home and I rested again. 
Saturday, the same thing. The Elders came to give me another blessing, we called the mission doctor, and he gave me a few meds too. It helped with the pressure and such, but nothing look away the pain. 
Sunday, we just went to sacrament meeting, becuase it wore me out. We went to eat with a member, and she said it was probably stressed. I had a huge knot on the back of my neck in the muscles and what not, and she rubbed it out a little, then we went home, and my companion did too. So today, I feel a lot better. Not 100% still, my neck still hurts and my head a little too, but better for sure. i just hope i keep getting better, and not worse again. 

This week, I was working on my Personal Progress in Integrity. I read a bunch of stories that I loved the courage of the people. For example:
Daniel. He stuck up for his beliefs, and was sent to the lions den to die. BUT, because of his faith and courage, he lived. The king then believed HIM and his God. 
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. Told they HAD to pray to the idol. They could have easily pretended or stayed home, but instead, they too stood up for what they believed and told the king. The king sent them to the fire, and they didnt burn. Not even the SMELL of the fire stayed on them. Then too, the king changed his believes to their God. 

I loved these stories. Ones Ive obviousy heard before, but not really studied. They are great examples to us, when we stick up for God and for what is right, we are blessed. We recieve immediate blessings. God is on our side. Most likely, we wont be sent to the Lions or to be burned in a fire, but we have other little "punishments" sometimes from the social aspect. But these "punishments" will do us no harm, because its Gods eyes and Gods judgement that really matters. 

Always stick up for what is right, even if you stand alone. God is there with you, on your side. and will bless you more than you can even count. Courage is powerful, and changes things. If we have courage, I know we will see miracles. People see the differences in us, and are blessed by our commitment! 

I love you all LOTS!! 
have a marvelous week! 

--Hermana Severtson

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