17 March 2014

Kami letter from Arica, Chile (dated 3/17/2014)


This week was better than the last, por lo menos. (Sorry for my spanish phrases... I dont really remember a flowing way to say it in English :) )

I did have a little bit of health issues again... as with my whole mission ;) hehe Just the headache and it trying to get better. Just being exhausted still and small headaches here and there. 

Speaking of health issues, what is my health history? What genetic things do i have in my family history that I should be aware of? The Phramacist asked me the other day, and I had no idea... so I figured I should probabloy know that ;) 

We had a cool ward activity this week. But it started out with an "advertising attempt" by us missionaries. We "Dimos Jugo" in the park. Here in Chile the phrase "Dar Jugo" (Give juice) means to waste time, use it unproductively...so it was a little ironic. But we bought juice to give to the people passing, and to invite them to our ward activity. It was fun!
In the activity we watched the new movie Ephraim's Rescue. I definitely recommend it. It's a great one about positive attitude, the priesthood, and pioneers. I loved it!

Last night, we had a good adventure! 
We were sitting in with a less active family, and an earthquake started!!! Here in Arica it was a 6.5 degree, not strong necessarily, but long. 
Next thing we know, theres a Tsunami warning.... I wasnt too nervous, I didnt think much would happen. Until President calls everyone, wanting us to get to a safe zone. THAT made me a little worried, that pres was worried. So we had to go to the pension of other Hermanas for the night, where we slept not so well on the ground ;) 
Nothing happened, all is good, and no more warning ;) But it was quite the adventure! 

This week, I thought a lot about Alma 26:11-12.  In our own strength, we can do nothing. Only through the strength of the Lord. If we boast in our own strength, we are denying all God has given us. 
I thought about this as I was really sick the other day. I just wanted to get UP and OUT SO BAD. I would try a little, then just get exhausted really quickly. I was getting really frustrated and impatient with myself. I am NEVER sick that bad or that long. Then that scripture came to my mind "In HIS strength, I can do all things". The Lord has this plan for us. My strength was weak, but in HIS strength, I was able to heal. I had already recieved the priesthood blessing, it was just my faith and confidence waiting for his timing. 
Our whole life is like this. Without Christ and the Gospel in our lives, we have no REAL strength. We might have our own personal "strengths" at times, but nothing that will last forever. Our strength in our testimonies will lead us, guide us, and give us the power that we need to go throughout our lives. 
Never doubt what you know. Remember that you really do, know a lot. 

I love you all!! 
Sorry for another short email this week, another one of those that passed quickly!! ;) 
have a great week of Spring Break! Use it productively ;) hehe 

--Hermana Severtson

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