31 March 2014

Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Hello Familia! 
Wow, this week flew by again!! crazy how every week goes faster and faster.... its exciting and sad too. We continue with earthquake and Tsunami warnings... but Im not afraid. I really dont feel like anything will happen, but IF it does, we are prepared!! 

Thats so cool about all those kids getting their mission calls! WOW! They all seem so young! All my "freshman buddies" from Williams Field..and now they are all seniors, about to graduate, with their mission calls. But great for them! A lot of them will be learning Spanish, and I can talk to them! Are they leaving right as school gets out? 

Speaking of school... Registration this week, right? If possible, try to get me all classes Tuesday/Thursday. I liked that last time when I had that. Then the internshipMonday, Wed, or Fri. Thatd be perfect! But just depends what they have available for my program too. 
Did the counselor ever say anything too about if I can to the minor or emphasis in Spanish?

This week, the ward put on a really neat activity for the endowed members. Everyone came in white, and the bishopric spoke, watched a couple videos about the temple, and a short testimony meeting. it was really great, and the spirit so strong! 

we did a Mini-MTC with the members too this week. It was a great meeting as well! Us 4 missionaries in the ward planned a short little class, then we did a few role-plays, and went out and did contacts! It was neat because we got to find a lot of new people to teach!! COOL! 

Cant believe today is Dad's last day at Motorola. Seems like forever hes been there...as long as I can remember! But, it will be good too to continue working for Grandpa and helping him there. Maybe I can help ya out there too in a few more months ;) hehe 

Conference is this weekend!! Wow, how amazing! I always love this time of year, this time we get to listen to the Prophet of the Lord, the Apostles, and other church leaders. 
Remember too, that if you go with a question, it will be answered!! Me being here on a mission, in Chile, is proof of that! I remember I went with my question... "should I go on a mission??" when the age was still 21 for the women... and not expecting that answer, I changed my question to "how can I be a better missionary where I am?" haha, then, the age changed. That was definitely not an answer I expected, but its definitely the greatest answer I've recieved in my life!! 
So, this week, prepare for conference, and go with a question. And I promise you, that you will recieve your answer!! 

Well, I think thats about it for this week.... We have transfers this weekend, with just about anything that can happen since we came here together. We could stay another transfer, I leave, or her leave. We will see!! Next week I'll letcha know ;) 

Love you all LOTSSS!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Enjoy your week, and make it a good one! 
....Hermana Severtson <3

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