28 April 2014

¿Cómo es que no puede enseñarme?

Hola Familia! 
Once again, we had a FANTASTIC week! We've really been starting to see a lot of success here in our sector. We have been recieving LOTS of referrals from members, applying the advice and teachings of the Mission President...and seeing it WORK! Its so great!! We have so many great investigators right now, and they are all thanks to members! 
We've started challenging our new investigators to baptism during our first visit. IT WORKS! At first, I'll admit, I doubted it, thinking it was direct and before we had their confidence. But, if you do it right, its BETTER. They know why we are here to help them, they have a goal, they try harder to get an answer... its awesome! 

We did more splits this week too, fun stuff! I love learning from the other sisters, and getting to know more people! We always see some sort of miracle in the days we do this splits, and I love it! 

We had another FHE in the chapel this week, great like last week! We played some games, had a lesson, and had a little "party" for a future missionary who left TODAY to go to Brasil on his mission! 

I can't believe Bentley sends in her papers THIS WEEK! How awesome! :D I hope I can see her open it.. but it will cut it close! 
Speaking of... MOTHERS DAY! how does 6:30 or 7 sound? Chilean time. I think we are about 3hours difference right now (we had daylight savings on sunday again). Let me know how that sounds, and we can figure it all out. 

We made more Banana Bread again... EVERYONE loves it! And asks us to make it for any excuse they can think of ;)

Thanks also for the birthday wishes! I cant believe another year has passed! 21... !! Im so old... ! haha 

We had interviews with President this week, and the assistants shared a scripture I liked.... 1 Nephi 17:51. I didnt get the chance to read it in English... so ill do a brief translation: If the Lord has shown us so many miracles, how is it that he can't teach me to build a ship
We see SO many miracles. The Lord has ALL power. How is it, If he can show Nephi to build a ship, that he can't show us how to be a better missionary? be more obedient? be more loving? learn better in school? help me with my homework? be an example? .... HE CAN. 
Through prayer, we can see many answers, but we need to just listen. I love the quote "If we want to talk to God, we pray. If we want him to talk to us, we read the scriptures". That's how it is! We recieve so many answers through the scriptures. If we read and apply, we recieve answers to any and everything. I promise! If we have an open mind and start with a prayer, the Lord gives us personal revelation through scripture study. 
He can do all things. He can teach us all things. WE just need to be open and let him. Nothing is too hard for God. 

Thats the challenge this week. Read the scriptures daily, at least a little bit, and see what the Lord is trying to teach you. Set a goal: to try something new, to break a bad habit, anything! And if you do it through prayer and scripture study, He will teach you. 

I know it's true! Ive seen it SO many times in my life, and especially through my mission. He loves us, and wants the best for us. He will teach us! 

I love you all!! I hope you have a great week!! Make a new friend, be an example, and set a new goal! And most important, BE HAPPY!! :D We have so many blessings, more than we can count! So much to be thankful for. 

Love you! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

P.S. My companion and I... finally ;) well take more this week ;)

21 April 2014

¿Cual Es Tu Destino?

Hello and Happy Easter! 
Easter, I've decided, is one of my favorite holidays. Its such a great way to remember and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He Lives! He loves us, and He shows us the way. 
This week, we made more Banana Bread, like I explained last week. IT IS SO GOOD. ;) We started a weekly Family Home Evening at the church everyFriday for the ward, and the first one was this past weekend. It was great! We did a Spiritual Thought about the life and resurrection of Christ, and played games after. My companion and I brought banana bread...and everyone loved it ;) hehe 
We did our first splits as Sister Training Leaders this week too. I learned so much from the other Hermana I got to pair with. I'm really going to like doing this. We have 2 more planned for this week, because we have 7 companionships of sisters to do splits with, in 6 weeks. We didnt do them the first week because of the transfers, and next week we will go to Antofagasta again, so we have 2 a week ;) But I like it! I just wish I could be more with MY companion ;) I love the splits and I love my companion, so its hard ;) 
Speaking of my companion.... yep. I realized we haven't taken any pictures either! haha We will take some this week and send them to you next week. Time just flies so quick that we havent even thought much about pictures! haha ;) 

I saw the email you sent, and that you talked to my counselor. PERFECT! My schedule looks pretty good too! Awesome! I'll be busy for sure! But maybe I'll start up teaching piano again if I can. I'd like to work, and I LOVED teaching piano, so I'll probably do that ;) 
I hope we can get it figured out with Porter that we can go together, that'd be perfect! I cant believe he already has so many credits! Great job!! 

And Bentley's call! HOW AWESOME!!!! Im so excited for her!! I have no idea either where to guess.... Im going to say France ;) I know she'd love that! haha Or alaska?? ;) I dont know... Ill do some "pondering" this week and let you all know  ;) 
I hope she has her call before mothers day too! That'd be so fun to be able to see her open it!! :D 

I forwarded you a talk, from Elder Arnold that President Dalton sent us. I really really liked this talk... "What is your Destination?" It's so true how Elder Arnold explains it. So many times we think we "end" when we reach a goal. But really, the goal is just the door to another bigger and better goal. Our ultimate destination should be the Celestial Kingdom...and not even that! Because we just keep progressing! You'll just have to read the talk, because he explains it better than me! ;) But its a good one to really think and ponder about our goals, destinations, priorities, ... 
What is YOUR destination? Where do YOU want to go? Its really our choice. My companion and I studied this week 2 Nephi 2:27, "Men are free to choose liberty and eternal life, or captivity and death" Its kinda a strong and direct scrpiture, but its true in the big sense of things. If something doesnt help us progress, it makes us degress. We choose our destination, we are free to choose what path we want to take. 
I don't remember if I told you way back then or not, but when I was in the MTC, a speaker came and talked to us a little about this. He told us, that when we go back to our rooms, to write in our journal of what kingdom we wanted to go to. Everyone always wants the Celestial Kingdom, right? Its the most glorious, the best! But, if we really wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom, no temptation would even be a temptation. We would never even think about sinning, because we would know it would stop our progress for this Kingdom. 
So, after all this rant, it's our choice. What will YOUR destination be? 

Ok, thats enough for today ;) I love you LOTS!!!! I hope you all have an amazing week in school/work/sports/activities, and being a great missionary example to everyone you meet! 

Con MUCHO amor, 
Hermana Severtson 

PS-- I hope you all saved me one of the new Severtson Screen shirts ;) hehe the activity looked super fun! :D 

14 April 2014

Disciple of Christ

Hello Hello! 
How was your week? I hope it was good for all of you! 
We had a good week here! My new companion, Hermana Calarco, came and we've already seen some great success here in our sector!! She's AMAZING and I know it will be a great transfer with her! 
I always love the first week of transfers. I don't know why, but I've noticed these past few transfers I've had with new companions, that during that first week, we receive miracles. People give us so many referrals, people stop us in the street, we find amazing people... its great!! I just hope this time, it doesn't stop at the week, but continues through the transfer ;) 
We received a lot of referrals from the Mini-MTC we did, and we were able to contact them finally this week. One of them, along with one other investigator, have baptism date goals for May 10! They are awesome, and I know they can really progress and be ready on this day! 
Its really amazing how much better the work is when you work with the members.... BTW, thats you guys ;) hehe and me in just a short time more! I know now, that I will be preparing my friends SO much better now, and giving the missionaries someone to work with ;) 

This week, we had our first conference to Antofagasta! We traveled Wednesday night to head there, and Thursday night to head back. It was a great conference with President, and it was neat to be able to go! We go every month, so the next should be May 1. Which is my birthday! ;) Coming up quick! It'll be fun though, because of the 3 companionships of Zone Leaders here in Arica that we travel with, one of them too has his birthday May 1, turning 21 also! So the 12 hour bus ride we could have a party. haha 

I was sitting here in the cyber (a "store" that has a bunch of computers to use) when I met Hermana Johnson. She is from DC, and guess what? She knows the Smith's! She tells me, "You're Hermana Severtson, right?" yes.... "So you're the cousin of Connor Smith?" YES! He was good friends with her brother I guess... small world! ;) And, since we are the Sister Training Leaders, I will be getting to know her good too, and going on splits and everything. So it should be fun! 

Hermana Garrison here in the mission, is the senior couple we have. She always makes Banana Bread for the mission conferences, and its the best I've ever tasted. She sent us all the recipe, and my companion and I made it this morning.. YUMM!! I never really liked it too much before the mission, but its SO GOOD now!! First time I've made it, and it turned out good! That's an American recipe, but one of many I've collected here in the mission. 

Today is the first day we get to go back to live in our own pension, and I am happy for that! To be able to sleep in my OWN bed! It will be nice! 

This week, we really focused on working with members and receiving referrals from them. I promise you, its the better way!! They automatically have a friend, someone to support them, and someone to go to with doubts and questions. They come with more potential, and are just awesome! Remember what Ballard said in conference, every 3 months, or 4 times a year, we should be looking for someone we could share the Gospel with. Imagine how MANY people will be converted to the Gospel! If just 100 people invite 4 people a year, thats already 400 new members.... more than a ward. Imagine! And thats just 100 people! We could really see great improvement in our church if we apply this revelation. I know we can do it! I will do it when I'm home!! 

(Speaking of... Dad, you asked me about my travel plans. I still don't have them. The missionaries going home this transfer, mid-May, received them today, so it will still be a while. They give them to us later, so we stay focused ;)  ) 

But, like they said in conference, being a member is being a Disciple of Christ. A disciple is someone dedicated to the Gospel, not afraid to share it, someone who represents Christ in every aspect. I loved how so many of the General Authorities talked about Discipleship this conference. I know they receive revelation. I know they're prophets, seers, and revelators of God, and know what we need right now. I know they know better than us, and are here to guide us. ;) 

Have a great week everyone! I love you lotssss!! 

07 April 2014

Paz, Cálmense

Hello!!! After a long exhausting week, Im here to share my story ;) It might be kinda long... But I plan to tell you all the details I can :)

So Tuesday night, we were in English Classes at the church. One of the sisters says "its an earthquake" But by this time, I was used to small ones, and when Im standing, usually I can't feel them, so I ignored it. Then it got stronger, and stronger, and STRONGER. The lights went out, and it just kept shaking. We were all a little nervous, not knowing much of what to do. The Elders couldnt find the keys to the chapel, so they were searching desperatly, and they were in the backpack the whole time :) Finally, we were able to lock up the church, and head out. 
We walked over to the stake center of the other stake here in Arica, which is the "place of refuge" here in Arica. My companion was pretty nervous, but the rest of us just kept making jokes ;) haha we figured if we scream or run, theres still an earthquake, so we may as well enjoy it ;) 
We found out it was 7.8 here, and the center was just about an hour away from Arica, passed around 8:45 at night.
Later that night, about 20 missionaries ended up in the chapel, so we didnt sleep that night. Some tried to sleep on the floor, others (like me) on a couple plastic chairs pushed together, but between being uncomfortable, adrenaline, nerves, talking, and snoring, I didnt get more than 30 min MAX of sleep. 
In the morning, we walked back home, rested a little, and left for the afternoon. 
The Zone Leaders came to see our pension, if we had damage. We have cracks and stuff from the shakes, but nothing bad. So they told us we were good to stay there. The warnings all passed, so nothing was going to happen that night, and we were good. 
11:45 that night, JUST after finally sleeping, it starts to shake. Again. Just a little less strong than the other night, and shorter. But still 7.6. Once again, walking over to the chapel, and sleeping in the sacrament room, under the benches. So still, not much sleep. 
Thursday then, I was going crazy. Literally. Because of my lack of sleep. I was anxious, shakey, felt like I was going to collapse, couldn't think straight, and couldnt sleep even because I was so tired. 
President wanted us now to sleep in a different pension for more safety, and we've been there since Thursday... and he said probably about 2 more weeks or so. So theres 6 of us, in a small pension, but its all good ;)

BUT, theres nothing to worry about. Everyone is fine! 6/7 is normal here in Chile, everyone is prepared and knows what to do. It was a scare for sure, and theres still a wait for a Tsunami if another big one happens, but we will just have to wait and see! ;) But Im fine, everything and everyone is fine. :)

We also recieved TRANSFERS!! 
Im staying here in Arica, in my ward. I have a new companion coming, Hermana Calarco, from Argentina. I know her a little, and shes cool ;) So Im excited! AND, we are going to be the Sister Training Leaders! So that will be fun too! 
Hermana Salinas goes to the next ward over, the same district, and the same pension we are staying in, so Ill get to still see her for a while ;)

Conference was GREAT!! I loved it so much! I feel like the overall theme was being happy, committed, a disciple of Christ, and to lift one another's burdens. I really loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk on gratitute, that its not necessarily FOR things, but IN things. That we need to give thanks for all we have. And Gary Stevenson, about the 4 min performance. That NOW is our performance, and we need to always do our best because it is short. And how "I want others to do their best too". It's not "MY" show, its everyones. ;) It was a great conference! My last one here in the mission.... 
(And I got to see Hermana Rindlisbacher again!)

Well, hope you are all doing good! Don't worry about us here, everything is fine. We are safe and happy! Just keep watching the news, and the facebook page. But everything is great! 
I love you all LOTSSS!! And hope you have a great week! 
Hasta Luego! 
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Severtson

P.S. Sister Trainer Leaders are like zone leaders, but just for the sisters. its a think theyve started in all the missions abut a year or so ago. we just go on splits once a transfer with each companionship and help them and stuff. i go to antofagasta once a month for a leadership meeting with pres and we plan for the mision and stuff. each town has a companionship of STL. 

P.S.S. Regarding the pictures...they told us the water in Arica would be shut off for 2 days, and to fill anything we had with water. we had only a few bottles, so we filled up cups, pans, bowls... etc, and then it never happened
the second is our pension. the wall next to it has caution tape on it... right next to our apartment building. its an old military building, the wall is like 200 yrs old. ;) 
and the third is hna rindlisbacher and i at conference 

05 April 2014

Sister Dalton Email after the Big Earthquake

Dear families of our missionaries currently serving in Arica,
President Dalton and I had the great blessing of being in Arica today and meeting with all of the missionaries serving in the city.  It was wonderful to see them, hug them and be with them.
As you can see, they are all well after their earthquake adventures.  We feel very blessed all of our missionaries were watched over and protected during the large earthquakes we experienced.
We love these dear missionaries and we love you!
Sister Dalton

02 April 2014

8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northern Chile

Hey! I dont know if youve heard...we had a big earthquake last night. We are all good though, nothing bad! :) Just to let you know Im okay, and Ill write more info on Monday ;) Keep watching the news here for the north of Chile, they say we might have more. But Im not worried ;) Im fine, dont worry about me! 
Love you all LOTS!!!! 

--Hermana Severtson