21 April 2014

¿Cual Es Tu Destino?

Hello and Happy Easter! 
Easter, I've decided, is one of my favorite holidays. Its such a great way to remember and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He Lives! He loves us, and He shows us the way. 
This week, we made more Banana Bread, like I explained last week. IT IS SO GOOD. ;) We started a weekly Family Home Evening at the church everyFriday for the ward, and the first one was this past weekend. It was great! We did a Spiritual Thought about the life and resurrection of Christ, and played games after. My companion and I brought banana bread...and everyone loved it ;) hehe 
We did our first splits as Sister Training Leaders this week too. I learned so much from the other Hermana I got to pair with. I'm really going to like doing this. We have 2 more planned for this week, because we have 7 companionships of sisters to do splits with, in 6 weeks. We didnt do them the first week because of the transfers, and next week we will go to Antofagasta again, so we have 2 a week ;) But I like it! I just wish I could be more with MY companion ;) I love the splits and I love my companion, so its hard ;) 
Speaking of my companion.... yep. I realized we haven't taken any pictures either! haha We will take some this week and send them to you next week. Time just flies so quick that we havent even thought much about pictures! haha ;) 

I saw the email you sent, and that you talked to my counselor. PERFECT! My schedule looks pretty good too! Awesome! I'll be busy for sure! But maybe I'll start up teaching piano again if I can. I'd like to work, and I LOVED teaching piano, so I'll probably do that ;) 
I hope we can get it figured out with Porter that we can go together, that'd be perfect! I cant believe he already has so many credits! Great job!! 

And Bentley's call! HOW AWESOME!!!! Im so excited for her!! I have no idea either where to guess.... Im going to say France ;) I know she'd love that! haha Or alaska?? ;) I dont know... Ill do some "pondering" this week and let you all know  ;) 
I hope she has her call before mothers day too! That'd be so fun to be able to see her open it!! :D 

I forwarded you a talk, from Elder Arnold that President Dalton sent us. I really really liked this talk... "What is your Destination?" It's so true how Elder Arnold explains it. So many times we think we "end" when we reach a goal. But really, the goal is just the door to another bigger and better goal. Our ultimate destination should be the Celestial Kingdom...and not even that! Because we just keep progressing! You'll just have to read the talk, because he explains it better than me! ;) But its a good one to really think and ponder about our goals, destinations, priorities, ... 
What is YOUR destination? Where do YOU want to go? Its really our choice. My companion and I studied this week 2 Nephi 2:27, "Men are free to choose liberty and eternal life, or captivity and death" Its kinda a strong and direct scrpiture, but its true in the big sense of things. If something doesnt help us progress, it makes us degress. We choose our destination, we are free to choose what path we want to take. 
I don't remember if I told you way back then or not, but when I was in the MTC, a speaker came and talked to us a little about this. He told us, that when we go back to our rooms, to write in our journal of what kingdom we wanted to go to. Everyone always wants the Celestial Kingdom, right? Its the most glorious, the best! But, if we really wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom, no temptation would even be a temptation. We would never even think about sinning, because we would know it would stop our progress for this Kingdom. 
So, after all this rant, it's our choice. What will YOUR destination be? 

Ok, thats enough for today ;) I love you LOTS!!!! I hope you all have an amazing week in school/work/sports/activities, and being a great missionary example to everyone you meet! 

Con MUCHO amor, 
Hermana Severtson 

PS-- I hope you all saved me one of the new Severtson Screen shirts ;) hehe the activity looked super fun! :D 

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