14 April 2014

Disciple of Christ

Hello Hello! 
How was your week? I hope it was good for all of you! 
We had a good week here! My new companion, Hermana Calarco, came and we've already seen some great success here in our sector!! She's AMAZING and I know it will be a great transfer with her! 
I always love the first week of transfers. I don't know why, but I've noticed these past few transfers I've had with new companions, that during that first week, we receive miracles. People give us so many referrals, people stop us in the street, we find amazing people... its great!! I just hope this time, it doesn't stop at the week, but continues through the transfer ;) 
We received a lot of referrals from the Mini-MTC we did, and we were able to contact them finally this week. One of them, along with one other investigator, have baptism date goals for May 10! They are awesome, and I know they can really progress and be ready on this day! 
Its really amazing how much better the work is when you work with the members.... BTW, thats you guys ;) hehe and me in just a short time more! I know now, that I will be preparing my friends SO much better now, and giving the missionaries someone to work with ;) 

This week, we had our first conference to Antofagasta! We traveled Wednesday night to head there, and Thursday night to head back. It was a great conference with President, and it was neat to be able to go! We go every month, so the next should be May 1. Which is my birthday! ;) Coming up quick! It'll be fun though, because of the 3 companionships of Zone Leaders here in Arica that we travel with, one of them too has his birthday May 1, turning 21 also! So the 12 hour bus ride we could have a party. haha 

I was sitting here in the cyber (a "store" that has a bunch of computers to use) when I met Hermana Johnson. She is from DC, and guess what? She knows the Smith's! She tells me, "You're Hermana Severtson, right?" yes.... "So you're the cousin of Connor Smith?" YES! He was good friends with her brother I guess... small world! ;) And, since we are the Sister Training Leaders, I will be getting to know her good too, and going on splits and everything. So it should be fun! 

Hermana Garrison here in the mission, is the senior couple we have. She always makes Banana Bread for the mission conferences, and its the best I've ever tasted. She sent us all the recipe, and my companion and I made it this morning.. YUMM!! I never really liked it too much before the mission, but its SO GOOD now!! First time I've made it, and it turned out good! That's an American recipe, but one of many I've collected here in the mission. 

Today is the first day we get to go back to live in our own pension, and I am happy for that! To be able to sleep in my OWN bed! It will be nice! 

This week, we really focused on working with members and receiving referrals from them. I promise you, its the better way!! They automatically have a friend, someone to support them, and someone to go to with doubts and questions. They come with more potential, and are just awesome! Remember what Ballard said in conference, every 3 months, or 4 times a year, we should be looking for someone we could share the Gospel with. Imagine how MANY people will be converted to the Gospel! If just 100 people invite 4 people a year, thats already 400 new members.... more than a ward. Imagine! And thats just 100 people! We could really see great improvement in our church if we apply this revelation. I know we can do it! I will do it when I'm home!! 

(Speaking of... Dad, you asked me about my travel plans. I still don't have them. The missionaries going home this transfer, mid-May, received them today, so it will still be a while. They give them to us later, so we stay focused ;)  ) 

But, like they said in conference, being a member is being a Disciple of Christ. A disciple is someone dedicated to the Gospel, not afraid to share it, someone who represents Christ in every aspect. I loved how so many of the General Authorities talked about Discipleship this conference. I know they receive revelation. I know they're prophets, seers, and revelators of God, and know what we need right now. I know they know better than us, and are here to guide us. ;) 

Have a great week everyone! I love you lotssss!! 

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