22 February 2013

Kami's 2nd MTC Letter to Us

Hey dad!
Tell Kirk and Keta that I do not know either of those sisters. There is one more district (including the one Sydni is in) that is in another Zone, so I hardly ever see them. But if I do see Sydni again, I'll have to ask HER if she knows the one going to chile!
Things are going really good. I have a ltitle more time today to write than alst time, so hopefully I can get more writen. And once again, excuse my grammar :) Since learning Spanish, I have seemed to lose all spelling and grammar and pronunciation in both languages! :) I can understand almost everything in spanish now..it's so exciting! Hopefully another week or so and I'll be able to speak it more too!
Thanks for finishing up my tithing and everything! That's awesome how much it all ended up being! I was thinking I'll probably write Dawn later today too if I get the chance.
Tell Lexine happy (late) birthday from me!! How are all the kids doing in school and stuff? and their sports? Ask caleb for me how many touchdowns he's got yet, and that I wish I could go to his games!! That's so awesome that Bro Johnson said he's doing so good with his scouts and being the youngest! So proud of my dudey! :) tell him to write me or something!!
It's been snowing like CRAZY! Ok, so not that much, until today. But probably 3 or 4 days since I've been here there has been snow. we went to the temple this morning, and that was so neat! AND it snowed walking over there, and still when we walked out. So we couldn't see any grass anymore or anything. Today is by far the coldest day since I've been here. Other than that, it hasn't been too unbearable. A sweater would be just fine.
Tell grandma and grandpa porter thanks for their package! I got it yeterday, and they sent me some of gma's peanut butter chexmix stuff... YUM! I'm so excited to be able to eat more of it today :)
My zone and district and companions are amazing! It's so funny, I've been seeing in the Elders so much of my brothers! It makes me miss them so much! They're goofy like them, some super athletic, some super nice, they all have some quality that reminds me of and makes me miss one of the boys. There are 5 sisters and 6 elders. my 2  companions are going to antofagasta too, and the other 2 girls to santiago north. Then 2 elders are going to santiago north, and the other 4 elders to argentina. The teachers here are all amazing! They're so good at teaching, and I have already learned so much from them about life/spanish/gospel/... i love it!
I started to get another little cold yesterday, and It's worse today..but i'm doing okay. It should (hopefully) be gone in the next couple of days!
The devotionals and firesides here are so awesome! We had the 2nd counselor of General RS talk to the RS on sunday, than that night, Bro Littleton(?) talked to us. He sits in with the Q12 to assign our mission calls!! IT WAS SO COOL!! Then On tuesday we have our other devotions, Craig C Christensen of the pres of the 70 and his wife spoke to us. The devotionals/firesides at the MTC are the best talks I've ever heard! Even from the talks of my branch presidency...they sound like General Conference talks!! It's so amazing!
Can you guys send me a few things? It's no hurry, so as soon as you can that would be great :) Thanks! Can you send me my crimper, that navy blue shirt grandma sev gave me, my pink capri's sweat pants, that slip/skirt extender thing, and my (mom's) black shoe? I accidentally only grabbed one when I was packing :) Oops! ;) Oh, and headphones. There are LDS movies playing in the gym that we can listen to when we are on the machines, so it's just weird and quiet right now. haha That's all I can think of for now, but I imagine I'll be needing more I didnt think about, later. And I'll probably send more back to you guys before I go to Chile! :) I would really appreaciate it! :)
Have everyone write me more letters! I love hearning from everyone! I can't remember if i told you already, but Denise wrote me through dearelder, and I got the ones from you guys. Then this week i got one from Dallin and Lauri, Bryndee, and you again! Getting letters is really the best feeling ever!! So have everyone send them! and dearelder works great, because I just get them the same day! It's weird to not see people all the time that I know and that know me, so hearing from home is so nice! I LOVE IT! :)
How's it working to post these letters on my blog? I don't care if you put the whole thing up or not.. :) I'd just like to be able to have another copy of it saved somewhere, so I can look back at it later. Or maybe get a blogbook someday or something. We'll see. I got 17 3/4 months to think about that :)
I miss you guys so much! It's so weird how the time works here. I feel like I JUST got here, but I've done so much so it feels like it's been a couple months! But nope, just a week and a half. It's weird, because I feel like I should be going home soon, I was never gone for more than a week at a time! but we are so busy, so it's keeping mymind pre-oppupied ;)
Oh, and tell Bentley she's gotta write me or something! I miss talking to that girl!! :)
Love you! I'll write again next friday!! Have a good weekend and a good week!
<3 Hermana Severtson

16 February 2013

Hello MTC!!

i wrote you a quick letter yesterday saying i won't get to email today, but i actaully do! just for a quick few minutes. so excuse my typing errors and grammar because of time...and since the mtc i feel like all of that has left me!
the hardest part was for sure leaving the airport, but after that, it was so much easier. i still miss you alls o much, but we are so busy! we have started spanish since day 1, and i am already doing so much better than i was before i left. 
the mtc is amazing, like you said, it's like living in the temple. we already have taught investigators and are immersed in spanish. it's so cool how all the spanish speaking missionaries just click and are instant friends. same with everyone from arizona. i've ran into a few people i know, so that's fun too.
I only have a few quick minutes while i'm here in the mtc, so it'll be short today. but i want you all to know i am so glad i came here and i know it is right. ithe spirit is so strong and so helpful in learning the gospel and the language. it's so amazing! i am wanting just to go to chile already, but i sure need more training first. a lot. 
i'll get to email again next friday. friday is my pday here in the mtc.
i'll talk to you later
miss you

con amor,
hma severtson