24 February 2014

Tu Eres Mi Hija

Buenas Tardes! 
We had a good week here! We had transfers again... we stay here together! all 6 of us Hermanas in the district/zone stay together, so that will be fun! ;) 

I had fun this week reading back in my journal from the last year. Funny how different the MTC is... and how I thought I loved it so much. but HERE is SO much better! ;) 
I was reading back, and remembered something one of our teachers taught us about regrets. We had had a "bad" lesson with our "investigator" and we were pretty down. But my teacher had talked to us, and told us that we should never have regrets as long as we did our best. Because we couldnt have done any more. I really liked that, and had forgotten about it. And it was the perfect advice I needed for that day too. Cool how that happens sometimes ;) 

A sad moment... my companion's dad passed away this week. It was a hard couple days, but things are better now. She's happier, more motivated, and we keep going. It was neat too, to have another experience being able to share that moment with someone. Perfect how us two were put together, and we can understand each other. 

I want to take a moment, and brag about Norma. ;) haha She was at work for the last 10 days, and finally came home yesterday. She showed up at church, happy as ever. And we went to her house at night to share something with her, her sister, and her brother in law (who is Jehovah's Witness). We come, she made us some YUMMY Peruvian food, but she was fasting. yep. Just because she wanted to ;) And she was bearing her testimony of the Book of Mormon, of the Church, ... its great! ;) Shes really an amazing lady ;) 

I read in the Pearl of Great Price this week, Moses 1. It was a chapter that I hadn't read in a while...so I decided to start it. I really liked it, a lot. It got me thinking too. So Moses, sees God and is talking with him. Tells him he is his son, he sees all the creations, its gotta be awe-strucking. After, he is in amazement. Satan comes to him, right at that moment, and says to him "Moses, son of man..." and tries to tempt him. Moses could have easily believed Satan. He could have easily talked himself out of what he saw, it could be "illogical" he could be "crazy". But I love his answer. "Where is YOUR glory?" He didnt give in to any temptation. He knew what he saw, he knew his potential. And he wasnt going to deny it. 
Then I thought. How many times do we do that? No, we don't see God. But we do have great spiritual experiences, we have testimony-builders, we see miracles. But Satan comes to talk us out of it. We cant SEE things of God, but we SEE things of the world... so its easier to believe. But, Satan has NO glory, and never will. We just need to stick to what we know, doubt our doubts and not the faith, and stay strong. 

We really are sons and daughters of God. He has all power and all glory, and we have the amazing opportunity to have all that he has, and live with him again. Satan is here to distract us, but as long as we focus in the Savior, keep praying, and endure to the end, he will have no power over us. 

Ok, sorry its a short letter again this week, but that's all for today! 
I love you lotsssss!! 
--Hna Severtson

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