07 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/7/13)

heyyy!!! AHHH I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!! they all are super cool! ;) so awesome!! You gotta make sure to send me a christmas card...and tell everyone else to too!
sounds like you all had a good time at conference and all too. how fun! are you on fall break?
I looked for you guys! But didnt see you ;( But conference was amazing! all of it. I loved the talks by Hales, Uchtdorf, and the BYU football guy. Ahh!! all soo amazing ;)

Guess what else? I finally got a letter from Kimilee ;) And Colton too! So fun! 

I sent you all a letter my first week here in Copiapo. Then there was a big strike in the mail here, so all the letters got backed up...but have you ever gotten it?

So we found another rat this week...then it disappeared. We didnt hear it for a couple days, then we did again. But luckily our District Leader found some rat poison in his pension, and gave it to us. Hopefully it works! We dont want more! haha 
But this was quite the story. We heard it, then chased it with brooms and Hermana Rindlisbacher and Santos caught it between the two brooms. It was there for a good while, then somehow slipped away. and ran under the oven. we decided to light the oven because the rat would run away once it started to get hot. But our oven has a problem, and when we light it, the fire comes OUT of the oven a bit, because of the gas. Anyway, apparently every time we light it, its worse. So Hna Santos lit it, and it was so HUGE! She burnt her hand and face a little from the flame. And now we decided we will never use our oven again. AND we still have the rat. haha

We had a ward party Friday night too. We celebrated the independence day, because everyone was gone that week. It was so fun! They did relays, danced the Cueca, which is the national dance here, we ate empanadas, sopaipillas, ... super fun! 

I decided for school, Im going to talk to my mission president about coming home a transfer early...I feel like that would be best so I can get everything figured out. We (perfect timing) have interviews with him tomorrow, so I will ask him then. That way I can get my clinic things done, not worry about my scholarship, and have plenty of time to relax before I start everything back up. 

I also used my credit card last week...so theres a charge on there ;) 

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. Sorry my letter is short this week, the internet is being weird and kept cutting out, so I dont have TOO much time. But enjoy your vacation, hope all is well with Gma and Gpa Clark home. 

I love you all lotsss!!
<3 Hermana Severtson

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