21 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/21/2013)

Hello Hello!! 
Sounds like you all had a good week there!! Happy Anniversary! crazy how its already/only been 3 years, right?? Time sure does go by fast.... 

Another good week here, too, we had transfers again!!! And I`m staying ;) I will get a new companion, Hermana Tuft, also from the US, but I`m not sure where yet. She will get here tomorrow morning. It`s crazy, because before I never was in a sector for more than 2 transfers, but here I am, going on my third here, and it doesnt even feel much longer than any of my other ones. It`s crazy! But I love it, its a great ward!

Speaking of the ward, remember how I mentioned we had to double the attendance before it closes? Yesterday, we had 98 people in church... needing an average of 100 consistently to keep it a ward!! We were SO happyyyy!! And there were a few members too that werent able to make it, other less actives or converts that couldnt go as well, so we are on our way to keeping our ward here! 98 was the most our ward has had in a LONG time. We and our bishop were very excited ;) 

This week for real flew by. I dont even remember all that much that happened! And I always too keep a list of things I want to say to you all, and it`s not that big this time... haha but It was a good week, I remember that! ;) 

I talked to Bro Judd yesterday again, he leaves on Monday to go back to Arizona, and said I could send a little something home for Christmas for all ya ;) So I`ll give that to him on Sunday, and hopefully you can get in touch with him. The Chile mail system is all back to normal, no more strikes, for now ;) So everything should be all good there too. 

Speaking of Christmas, I listened to Ballard`s talk from Conference, about finding someone before Christmas and just sharing the gospel with them. I think that`s a great goal, and you all should definitely listen to that talk again too ;) Its a great one, and every time I hear it, I learn so much from it. 

Another thing I learned this week, that no matter what, everything happens for a reason. I know I`ve said that quite a bit, but I always find more and more reasons to think so. The people you meet, the experiences you have, everything. I`ve met so many people here that I know were put in my life for a reason. Heavenly Father knows what I`m going through, what someone else is going through, what we already have gone through, and how we can all help each other. So remember always, everyone you meet, learn something from them. And live so they can learn something from you. 

I wanted to say too, that I used my credit card last monday, I needed new shoes, bad. And for those garments, WOW, didn`t know they costed THAT much, so I`ll look into it here and see how it is. So don`t worry about it. As a matter of fact, our ward is going to Santiago this weekend to go to the temple, so maybe I can just ask someone there ;) 

Sorry so short again, but the time really just flies by so quick!! I still feel "new" here, but here I am almost halfway done. I`m starting to know a lot of people, many of my mission friends, going home. It makes me feel so weird!! I know it will come eventually for me, which makes me happy and sad, but seems like it will never come at the same time. Hermana Garbin, my first companion, just went home this week. CRAZY!! I was happy I got to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes before she left too. 

Make it a great week, I love you guyssss!!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

PS here are pictures attached of our bishop, my companion and I spelled CHILE with our shoes, our sweet tan lines we`ve got starting (and its still only spring here), my name that I saw a few times this week, for the first time ever in my life. ;)
More next weekk!!

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