14 October 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 10/14/2013)

Hello Hello!!! 
Hope you are all adjusting well from Fall Break!! Go back to school, work hard, and learn lots!! ;) Sounds like you sure had a great fall break, conference, riding quads, widsom teeth... super fun! ;) 

This week was another good one for us here in Copiapo, Chile. 
Tuesday, we had interviews with President Dalton. In between everyones interview, we listened to (us north americans) some of the Mission President Seminars from the MTC in 2011, and those were really cool. Everything about finding new people to teach, which was exactly what we needed this week. The Latinos watched some talks from the area presidency of the 50 year anniversary of the Chile Mission. After those, we all watched more about the 50 years, history of Chile (Parley P Pratt stopped here on their boat journey to Utah, but held back from preaching the gospel because he knew it wasnt their time, but promised that when the time was here, the church would grow fast!). They were really neat videos! 
I asked about my schooling too. President said that if I`d be leaving more than 30 days before my end date, he has to get it approved by the area presidency and the missionary department, and they dont encourage doing it. But, he said if I need to go home a little early for my scholarship and stuff, we could make something work. So we`ll see I guess once it gets a little closer. Maybe I could email one of my counselors to see what they would think is best--just starting right away, or if i can defer my scholarship to start in January. We will see! 

This week we did a lot of contacting too. We are in need of lots of new investigators. Most people said to come back this next week, so will! BUT, there was one 13 year old boy that told us to come back the next day, and said they were Catholic. To be honest, I was a little skeptical, because he`s 13, and I was pretty sure he wouldnt be home, then his parents would say they weren`t interested. But, we went back anyway. The mom answers the door, and said that she was baptized, went for a few years, then stopped going to church, we found a less active! We went in and shared something with them, and she said she loved the visit and that we can come back whenever we want. She has "yours mine and ours" in her family, so kinda like ours, but the "ours" ;) haha and lots of young boys running around, reminded me of home ;) haha They`re great!! 

Another less active, has always answered her door saying "Im busy, I have a visit, Im always busy". But we always stop by and visit her. Last weekend, she actually came out of her house and talked to us for a little while, and told us to come back Saturday. SO, this Saturday we went back, and at first she said "Im busy!" then turned around and let us in her house. For the first time. That was neat too. We had been praying for her, and hoping we can share something, and we did! It was really neat! 

This week too, there has been really cool sunsets. Unfortunately, I didnt have my camera on me when they were really neat. BUT, it reminded me of when I was little, and you`d say "sky on fire" and I`d get so mad! haha Youd tell me to repeat after you "sky"..sky... "on"...on..."fire"...sunset. haha For real though, this sunset was literally "SKY ON FIRE" ;) maybe this week if its neat again, I`ll snap a foto. 

Can you believe it? We have cambios again this week. These past 6 weeks went REALLY fast!! Im now 8 months in, 10 left. This mission really is flying by. I love every minute of it, and want it to go fast because I miss you all so much, but also am sad at how fast its going, because I love the mission so much! We`ll see what happens this next week. We find out Saturday what happens. I think I`m probably staying here, but there`s no guarantees!! 

I talked to Bro Judd yesterday at church. He`s going back to arizona the end of the month, and coming back around the first of the year. I think I`ll send with him a little something for you guys, if he doesn`t mind. :) Hopefully he can, or if I send a package, youll get it after Christmas! ;) 

That`s crazy that Race for the Cure was this weekend, I totally forgot about it. But I think you`re right, going to church was probably better. :) Wow! I always loved doing that though. My foot hasnt been too bad lately, so hopefully next year we can do it! ;) 

As for your question for Porter and his scholarship to ASU, if they havent changed anything, they automatically apply you for scholarships when you apply for the school. Just put everything in your application, grades, up to date, school involvement, test scores on ACT or SAT, everything you can. they look at all that when they consider your application. Im sure Porter will get a good one, his grades are better than mine were! Hows he doing on his rank?? still tied for 8th or something with 5 others? ;)

Another thing I wanted to mention, was Uchtdorf`s talk from Priesthood Session. I downloaded the Priesthood talks last week and have been listening to them. That one is really good!!! I love it! Always getting back up when you fall. It`s okay! It was one of my favorites ;) 

Anyways, thats about all for this week!! 
Enjoy your week back at school, Dad, enjoy Chicago. Hope all is going well for all of you. Thanks for all your love and support!! 

Love you lots!!
--Hermana Kami Severtson

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