28 October 2013

Kami Letter from Copiapo (dated 10/28/13)

Hey hey hey!
Another GREAT week!! My new companion is Hermana Tuft, from Springville, UT. Shes GREAT!!! Bringing lots of great new ideas to try with the memebrs and investigators, and its really going well. we`ve started by sharing the first vision with everyone. Its really a great way to invite the spirit and remind everyone the reason we have the church. 
I have come to have a new love and appreciation for the first vision. Of course, Ive always loved it, but just this focus on it this week, and the weeks to come, i`ve come to understand more how powerful it is. I encourage you all to read the Joseph Smith History... no matter how many times youve done that, you can always feel the spirit and feel prompted of people to share it with. 

My companion mentioned theres a "missionary mom" website you can join, and all the parents can talk about their kids on missions. I guess Hna Tuft`s mom talked to Hermana Rindlisbacher`s mom, and knew we were going to be companions before she even got here to tell her family! ;) I thought that maybe you guys would want to check that out. 

It`s weird. Copiapo here in this sector, is so far the sector Ive spent most time in. Still only been 3 months, but all the members here are so great, Ive come to love them all so much! I assume I have another 3ish months here, so it will be a good few months. Our ward attendance is continuing to grow, and it makes us all so excited! The ward planned a temple trip this weekend, and a bunch of them went. It was really cool to have them come home and talk to us all about their experiences and their testimonies. Its so crazy that they had to drive 12 hours to get to Santiago, the closest temple here. And if we drove 12 hours, in either direction, we would pass a TON! Its great to see their dedication and excitement to get to the temple. 

I talked to Bro Judd again yesterday. He took home a little box for you guys for Christmas.... but dont open it until Christmas!! Also, he said hes coming back here in 2 weeks! So if you still havent sent the package, you should talk to him again and just see when he will be coming back, and maybe if you can send it with him. Its a little more secure, sometimes the mail system here isnt too trusty ;) ALSO, then, if he is coming back, could you just send me some garments through him? haha I didnt have a chance to talk to the members here, and they ended up not even having time anyways. But if not, its okay ;) 

We had a new investigator this week, who we set a baptism date with! He is so great and receptive, and is really interested in all we have to offer with the Gospel. Its so great to see the Spirit work through people. So hopefully all continues to go well, and we have a baptism here in a couple weeks ;) 

We had an activity as a district today. We were going to go to the zoo here, but it was on strike, like all things here right now ;) haha So we just went down to the chapel and played games, and ate burritos. it was fun! 

So..... October is just about over. Crazy. That means CALEB IS TURNING 13!! My baby brother!! awww dudey! For real, every time you send me pictures, I cannot believe how big they are all getting! And how awesome hes planning things for his eagle. wow! 
That also means, that here in november, I will finish up 9 months in the mission. yikessss!! half way! It was SO fast, but also feels like Ive been here forever! But I wont dwell on it..that just makes it go faster! ;) 

Another cool thing I found out!! You all went to EFY this year, right?? Theres some songs on the CD, Mountains to Climb and Still and Quiet Moments. Definitely Hermana Tuft`s friend and the friends sister sang those songs. Cool, right?? 

I also LOVED Porter`s homecoming pictures. awww! Im so proud of that kid. Asking girls out! woo!! ;) ha 

Hope all goes well for you this weekkk!! Hope everything with your job goes well, dad. And that you are all staying happy and healthy! Remember who you are, and let your light shine!! 
Love you lotsss!!
<3 Hermana Severtson

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