04 November 2013

Kami Letter from Copiapo (dated 11/4/2013)

For real, you are all too busy!! haha Always something going on! ha, but its great. I love hearing from you and seeing whats new and whats going on in your lives. Its so funny, being in the mission, it feels like time stops! I always want to say "the other day..." then realize ive been here almost 9 months, so it was more of probably a year ago or more. 

But this week was good. Ended good. It was one of those discouraging weeks, but those are when you learn the most, and learn to rise up and keep going. 

We met a Brazilian lady, who was talking to us half in Portuguese half spanish with her accent, knowing we dont fluently speak spanish trying to mess with our minds. haha but, the gift of tongues is real, and we actually understood more or less, the idea, of what she was saying. Funny people ;) 

Lots of finding, teaching, inviting, talking, .... physically, spritualy, and emotionally exhausting. But looking back at the week, it was really a good one. 
We had been focusing on Charity together this transfer. We have studied it and tried to figure out how to develop it better. And at first, it seemed really hard. But after a more difficult week, we were really sad at the people that rejected us, the people who are struggling with their testimonies, the people who wont accept and realize the miracles and the holy ghost. we realized that this sadness, is because of the love for the people. I knew I had always loved them, loved Chile, loved the mission, loved the Gospel, but after being sad for them, I realize it even more. That was neat for us to see. 
And the best part, just means this week we will do so much better. We already have lots of appointments set for this week, so we are excited to move on and become better from a down week ;) 

Sounds like you all had a fun halloween!! Loved your costumes ;) Here, Halloween is "new", they`re slowly adapting the American ways. haha the people that DO decorate their houses, a little bit, do it the day of, then take it down the next day. Kids all dress up as zombies and go "dulce o basura"-ing (sweets or garbage). We luckily had our meeting with our Ward Mission Leader that night, so we didnt have to be out in the madness ;) 

Crazy how Caleb turned 13 this week. My baby brother is a teenager!! sounds like he must have had a good time... and he will have to show me his scooter skills when im home ;) 

If our ward changes, make sure to let me know. Im supposed to tell President if the home ward or stake changes. I hope not... that would be really sad. but at the same time, its HUGE, so i wouldnt be surprised. 

Thats really cool about Kirsten too! Congrats to her! wow, so weird knowing people that are getting married.... yikes! ha :) 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!! Love you all LOTTSSS and miss ya too!! 
Have a happy November!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

Pictures attached of my companion and I, us in our pension, my district, us "dressing up" for halloween... ;)

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