18 November 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 11/18/2013)

Hello Hello!! 
Another quick week, for real. It flew by!! 
My foot has started hurting again though... not nearly as bad as before, but I have medicine for it again. Hopefully it starts getting better. I talked to Elder Garrison, our Senior missionaries who are here who is the physical therapist, and he said it sounds like I actually have Plantarfesicitis.... no idea how to spell it, hopefully you still know what Im talking about haha. And hope also that I can get it controlled so I can first, enjoy the rest of the mission, but also, to be able to do fun hikes and stuff again after! Guess we`ll see.... 

Can`t believe I finished my half-way mark this week. Wow. That really went fast. It feels weird to know I`m on the "countdown". But, its great! ;) Love every minute of it! 

Thats so CRAZY that Bro Judd is in Brad`s ward! small world! Cool you got to go over and meet him, thats really neat. I`ll be waiting for him to come home then! ;) 
And as for the package, as of now, still nothing. But Hermana Tuft`s parents sent one about a week or so before you guys, and we know the Zone Leaders have one for her, so it should hopefully be getting here soon. 

We`ve started to get a lot of investigators right now, lots of looking and searching the last few weeks, and its paying off! They`re all still really new for now, so hopefully in the next couple weeks they can be really progressing. But we have them. Just now have to teach and feel the spirit. 
I just hope, REALLY HOPE, I get to stay in Copiapo one more transfer...theres just 2 weeks left of this one, and I really want to stay! I want to stay at least for Christmas ;) But I guess we will see! 

One lady, we were trying to talk to her neighbors, that are never home, and we saw her car there. So we decided to try her. She let us right in, and we had a good lesson with her. 
Another, was a reference from a member. We went over, she let us in, and she ended up crying because it was perfect for what she needed in her life right then. 
Its so amazing how the Lord prepares people. They are ready. And theyre everywhere ;) 

I realized too, can you send me my counselor`s email address? I should probably get that all figured out, because itll come fast by when I have to know all that..especially with only being able to talk to them once a week. Just send me whatever cards I gave you (I think I did...) and Ill just ask them if Im talking to the right person ;) 

Cant believe either, that CALEB is starting his EAGLE!! Good for him!! Thats so cool! you gotta make sure to send me lots of pictures of the project, because I cant be there to help him. But Im so proud of that kiddd!! 

Like I said, this week flew by! So theres not much else for this week... sorry. haha Ill try to make the next weeks email a little bit cooler ;) 

Love you all LOTS!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

p.s. a picture of my district in caldera last week. 
this head is placed right in front of easter island! its part of a different mission, but its directly in front of ours. but its still like a 6 hr or so plane ride away! far! but cool ;) 

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