11 November 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 11/11/13)

Crazy right??? 9 months just about! But just about exactly 9 mo from today, ill be coming home!! wowwy! I cant believe how fast the time has gone. 
I was talking to a new sister that just came this transfer, and she was just telling me how hard it was and the language is difficult.... it feels just like a couple weeks that i was in her spot, and it felt so weird to be "experienced" to tell her that YES it gets better...the language comes, it just gets amazing. Being hard at first, just makes it that much better at the end... or the middle I guess, I dont know about the end yet ;) haha 

Speaking of, Ive had SO many dreams lately that I am going home. And its as if this transfer. Like in my dream I know im only 9 mo in, and everyone that recently left is left recently, but its my turn to go home, and my group i came with too. weird. but i still got 9 months, so its good! ;) its so weird, i miss everyone and i miss home, but i love it here. as if i dont want to leave, but dont want to stay either! 

We made a Christmas chain this week...counting down the days ;) haha we are in the 40s now... yikes!! Make sure to tell everyone to send me christmas cards ;) i want to see everyone! Its so crazy how much people change in just 9 months! ;) 

Thats cool you saw the Laytons, and Kenzie Stewart. How good for both of them ;) Kenzie is getting ready to go in another year or so, right? thats awesome! i would definitely, without a doubt, recommend a mission to everyone. 

And Bro Judd! Cool youll see him tomorrow! how crazy how he travels to and from mesa and copiapo. haha 

We had ward conference yesterday, its funny, here, everyone makes it kinda a bigger deal. it was this huge program and they gave us all little tag things for the conference. and we had our all-time high for church attendance!! we were so happy!! last time the stake came, we had 58, then yesterday, it was 117!!!! It was amazing! :D

On saturday, there was a RS activity in the plaza... all the wards had a little booth showing what theyd done through the year. and us missionaries went around just talking to everyone, showing them what it was, and inviting them to talk to us another day. it was really neat! a really cool idea. 

also, here, theyve been doing "emergency backpacks" just like a 72 hr kit in a backpack. everyone has been really stressing getting them ready.... yikes! haha kinda makes me nervous ;) haha 

our door too this week... haha our pension right now is kinda crazy ;) ha the bottom 2 of 3 hinges came off. so we opened it that night, and the whole door almost fell! So we put a couch in front of it for the night, and the elders and members came the next day to help us out ;) 

but all in all. this week was GREAT!!! SO much better than last week. I just felt so much happier and excited to do the work. it was great ;) 

We are in Caldera right now again, the little beach town ;) we came as a district to play some sports on the beach. we had a little while before the next bus left, so we are writing. I took some pictures, but ill send those when we get back to Copiapo in a couple hours or so. So watch for that email!! 

Love you lottsss!!!!! Hope you enjoy your week, remember what you know, and share it with everyone!!! <3
<3 Hermana Severtson 

P.S. Shoes we bought together, christmas chain, pictures from the beach

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