25 November 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 11/25/13)

One month from today, is Christmas!! CRAZY. But im so excited to be able to talk to you guys!!! Like I think I mentioned last week, we bought a Christmas tree!! So I attached a picture of it ;) Its little, but I love it!! 

This week was a quick, busy one for us!! Like I also mentioned, my foot started hurting a little bit, but not too bad. Its already feeling a LOT better. This time it didnt get nearly as bad. which is nice. 

I had to go start everything for my Carnet...Chilean ID ;) I have my visa which is good for a year, so I just had to go do the ID stuff. We had to go SUPER early in the morning... left our pension at like 7ish (normally we wake up at 7:30) and went to the PDI... to get my foreigner stuff figured out. Then to the Registro Civil, to get the ID and stuff. 
Funny story, so we were at Registro Civil, waiting in line, when we realized I needed money for it. We counted our money between the two of us...and we ended up about 500 pesos (about a dollar) short. Oops! So we called the other Hermanas, who were still at home, to come meet us halfway to bring me a little more money. The Registro Civil is in their sector, so it wasnt too far, like a 30min walk or so. So we start RUSHING home, and they start RUSHING towards us, because I had a number, and didnt want to miss it. We got to them, started RUSHING back, afraid we might not make it, then Bro Judd comes to save the day! He had just stopped by the pension to give us that package, but we obviously werent home. So he was on his way to work when he saw us on the street. So I got the package and he was able to drop us off quicker too. woo hoo! Thank you for the little package ;) Everything is perfect! So fun to get it all from ya ;) and he gave us too sour patch watermelons and almond joy ;) YUM. Attached are pictures of us 4 enjoying our treats too :D

Im glad you got the email of our musical number too! It was so fun ;) I love every chance I get to play the piano, so last week Bishop asked if we could do that, and we both happily accepted! Ive been playing to accompany sacrament meeting lately too... love it ;) Everyone told us we "make a good team" so we are hoping we can stay together another transfer ;) We know they are changing a lot in Copiapo, putting hermanas and elders in the same wards, so theyre changing all that. But we know its the other hermanas that are most likely leaving...well their sector is bringing elders. 
We also...because our house is breaking and huge, for just two of us, have been looking for a new one! and we think we found one! A lady in our ward rents houses, and she told us she has one cheaper for us. So we went and looked at it today..its nice!! and smaller, and cheaper, and new! and not breaking ;) So hopefully we can get that all figured out soon, before we have transfers this weekend!Saturday we find out..so hopefully next monday Ill be able to tell you guys im staying here for christmas ;) 

Our best investigator yet... Benjamin, who I mentioned a few weeks ago... moved :( He is still here in Copiapo, but another ward. We were so sad because he is progressing VERY WELL. He just has to get some things with divorce figured out before he can be baptized, but he would be baptized, and WANTS to be baptized as soon as he can. He was definitely prepared, one of those chosen and placed in the path ones. So I was sad to see him move, but I guess theres a reason for everything. But he was really open and accepting that new missionaries would have to come and a new ward. Hes great! 

We started focusing on the Plan of Salvation this week. Almost all our investigators are on this same page, so we basically do almost the same lessons with them...of course personalizing them too, but the same basic concepts. 
And a funny story. We are with this lady, and her 6yr old is in and out of the lesson. Teaching Plan of Salvation. And she mentions that she has had the question before.... what happens after this life. So we ask her, what are your beliefs, where are we going? and the little son yells..."ARGENTINA!" and we all couldnt help but laugh. and he says "but mom.. you told me we are going to argentina some day". haha ;) 

Thats crazy to hear about the wards all splitting! craazzyy!! Whos the new Bishop then? Wow, big changes happening, its going to be weird when I get home! haha 

They dont have Thanksgiving here... but we are going to celebrate it anyways. We are 3 from the US in our pension..and 1 from Peru, so we are celebrating it. Ill send pictures next week. But no, they dont have anything like it here, so its kinda weird. 
But hope you all have a good holiday! Remember all the blessings you have, and show your thanks! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Enjoy Thanksgiving, couple days off of school, and family and friends ;) 
I love you all lots and miss you too!! But one month ill getta talk to you all!! ;) 

Love you, 
Hermana Severtson

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