02 December 2013

Stayin in Copiapo.. Speakin Spanglish

Im staying in COPIAPO with HERMANA TUFT!! 

This week was a good one... it went FAST again, but good. We were working busy and hard, worrying about cambios (transfers) but we stayed, so we are good!! ;) 
It was a crazy hectic week... and a heads up, this email is probably going to be fairly long. haha but its fun ;) 

So, Ill start by telling you what the cambios all were. My companion and I stayed together, in our sector. The other Hermanas we live with switched wards, the elders in that other ward, went to the other half of the sector, kicking out those elders. those elders come to our ward. So of the 4 companionships in our district, 3 are new in their sectors, with only 1 new elder in the district. so that should all be fun ;) 
So, because of this, weve been looking for new pensions. Right now the other hermanas have to walk about 45min to their new sector, and the elders about 20 to their sector too. Then, because our house is big for just 2 of us, we are too looking for something smaller and cheaper. within these 6 weeks, we have found 3 sure houses. they all were pretty certain to work out...and all 3 didnt. one we found on our own, that was on the market for like 2 months, but never answered the phone. finally did, the office called them, and the sign went down. someone else called. 
another a member in our ward has to rent. we almost had that one, but she was out of town, so the company rented it to someone else. 
another, this same member has a neighbor with a little house to rent behind hers. so we went to go look at it, and it would be perfect. the problem is, there are people living there right now. shes been wanting to kick them out anyways, but not until she had someone else to go there. so she finally told them, but they legally have a month to stay to find something else. 
so we are living in a huge house still, the other hermanas super far, and once they get a new one, just us 2. but we are still looking too!!  just fun stuff!! haha we will see what happens here in the next couple weeks ;) 
and i hope that all made sense. that was probably a little confusing! 

but another weird story about a different house! we would just call every number we saw on houses. one, a lady answers and it seems like a decent deal on her house. so i say "ok, so we are missionaries, so we are going to call our leaders and get back to you about this house" and she says "hermana! im a member too!" i ask what ward, and she tells me shes in Iquique, in Zegers... my first sector! So i tell her i was there, and she remembered me! But to me, her name sounds SUPER familiar, but I cant remember exactly who she was. crazy! 

This week was also Thanksgiving. Like you can see in the pictures i attached, we made a feast ;) chicken, potatoes, gravy, green beans, and cheese cake ;) it was quite deliciousss!! Very fun ;) Fun to be able to celebrate it, since they dont have anything like it here. Sounds like you all had a good Thanksgiving too though, enjoying time with family. thats the only thing that could have made it better! ;) 

This week, it has been harder for me than any other week to speak English! haha I have no idea why, because Ive spoken mainly english with my companions the last 4 months, but it was hard! My grammar is going away, I cant think of so many words, .... but whatever! She and all the other north americans here understand me. But Im afraid Ill go home and NO ONE will understand me! ha 
One night this week, Hermana Tuft closed the window, probably like 2am. So I woke up and saw a red flashing light from a police car. So, in spanish (Spanish is always harder when im tired, and naturally we speak english together...but i spoke spanish to her) i asked what happened outside. we had a good conversation in spanish for a couple minutes and went back to sleep. the next morning, we told each other that right as we almost fell back asleep, we realized it was in spanish, but had to really think to see if it really was ;) haha 

Another example of this, is that today, we ran into a Canadian. We were just walking around talking, and a guy comes up, "are you speaking english??" I just looked at him in shock. I couldnt believe he was speaking english! haha Hermana Tuft did most the talking, because I couldnt think of anything to say to him in English. Its hard to talk to "normal" people in English. But we made a contact out of it, and honestly, I couldnt think of the words to say. haha I guess its going to be hard for a while to speak in Gospel Terms in English! ha 

We decided that, since we are staying together, that we are going to read the whole Book of Mormon in a month. I think Im doing it in english, but we shall see. It will be a fun little challenge though! 

Another fun little thing we did this week, is that Hermana Tuft cut my hair!! I had been wanting it a lot shorter, and she wanted to try it. And it looks good! haha ;) Its nice to have all the gross ends off and be really healthy ;) 

You asked me about the food here. Its not TOO bland. well, maybe Im just used to it by now. But Its mostly rice or potatoes, and chicken. And... yup. they eat mayo with everything. but its good! Im not too against it ;) but I also am starting a list of food I miss from home, and chicken and rice is NOT on that list! 

My foot was doing better this week. it seems like now every time it DOES hurt, its just a little bit, and not for as long. so thats good! hopefully i dont have problems with it the rest of my life! 

Well, thats about all for now... I believe ;) 
Have a GREAT weekkk!! Love you lots!! 

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