23 December 2013


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! How does noon there sound? I hope fine! haha it will be 4 here, so right after lunch we will try to skype ya. a member invited us over, so as soon as we are done with them, we will ask to use their computers! 

Cant believe Noah is 14 also. wowwy!! everyone gets so big so fast!! but looks like he had a fun birthday party according to your emails and those blog posts! 

and bentleys callings! how funnn!! thats so sweet, how special to be a missionary and have those experiences! 

and caleb with the book of mormon... yeah ;) how awesome dude! go be a missionary!! 

This week we had a lot of JUST DO IT experiences. First, we did see a LOT of people with nike shirts :) haha a constant reminder. 
And we asked members to go out to work with us. And its not as hard as I thought! haha they really DO make the work SO much easier. an immediate friend, confidence, someone that stays, ... its great. just DOing it, gives blessings. obedience! 

I got my carnet this week... my chilean ID. Im chilean!! its so cool, im so excited ;) 

I think I mentioned service before, but one of the old ladies in the ward we got to serve, gave us little christmas presents this week ;) shes so cute! Before, she was kinda grumpy.... not really grumpy, but thats the closest word i know ;) ha but now, shes so happy and friendly to us ;) shes so fun! service really does soften hearts and open minds. she was already a member, but service helps!! 

we had lots of singing opportunities this week. 
we did another musical number in church, us 4 missionaries and some members. so that was fun! 
the zone sang in the hospital. we were only going to do 3 floors, but everyoen kept telling us to do more, so i think we did like 5. it was really neat! such a great experience! it was super fun, and so cool to hear all of us. we sang hymns, but also feliz navidad, because its in english and spanish. and im learning some good ones that they only have in spanish too! ;) fun! 
then, yesterday, we got to sing (the 2 zones in copiapo) in the plaza. the center of the city. it was cool! really fun to sing for everyone! so many people stopped and listened! so cool to be able to do this! 
after, we went to watch the christmas devotional. since live would be late here, we did it last night as a re-broadcast. and i listened in spanish! let me just say... the prophets REAL voice and native language is better ;) haha easier to focus and understand than a translater ;) 

the house.... we lost. the office was traveling for conferences, and didnt get the phone calls and emails from the guy giving us the house, so he gave it to someone else. ;( but, we are going to hopefully be moving soon anyways. there are college boys that live across the street from us..and its bad.. so we are going to move into the apartment the elders found. they will go to our house until they find something else, or february when we have a different house waiting for us. i can explain it more on wednesday if you want, because its kinda confusing ;) ha 

we are eating with a member tuesday night, breakfast either tuesday or wednesday morning, wednesday morning district meeting/gift exchange/breakfast, and lunch on wednesday. the ward is great and so loving!! i feel so happy they are inviting us all, its so sweet of them. our bishop too is already planning for us to go to his house on new years ;) haha 

well, have a very merry christmas!!! tell grandma and grandpa thanks for their little gifts too! and if they can come over to talk too, id love to talk to them!!! 
see ya in a couple dayss!!!!! <3 
<3 hermana severtson

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