16 December 2013

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

Waiting brings blessings... THAT i know! 

This week, I got your package! woo hoo!! I attached a picture of our little tree and our presents ;) thank you thank you!! and for the vinyl tree too ;) WE ARE SO EXCITED!! 

so we have permission for an hour, on either the 24th or the 25th. either way will be good for us! just let me know! 

also, waiting a while transfer, we think we finally found a house! We went and looked at it, it was cheaper, and the office told us they would go ahead and try it then! So we are just waiting still for all the paperwork and contracts and all that. i have no idea how it works ;) but we hopefully got one! 

we had a great week here!! we had an investigator tell us a cool story of what happened. first off, the first time we met with her, we talked about the restoration and the peace it brings, and she LOVED that. She lives next door to members (a reference from them) and said she can tell they have a different peace, and us too, and wants it. after, we left her the pamphlet for that lesson. 
SO this week, she tells us she was having a really hard day. she remembered our pamphlet, and decided to read it with her 6 yr old son. she felt so much better, and remembered what we said about praying too, so she tried that. then, so many things that were going wrong, got fixed. she knows its because of the restoration, praying, and the Lord Jesus Christ. It was so amazing and made us so happy to hear this from her! 

We had a conference with President this week! it was great!!! Its always so encouraging to hear President, his wife, and the assistants speak. But my companion and i were talking after, and we were just thinking how obvious it is what we have to do, but its harder than it seems. I was thinking a lot about that. If its so simple, why is it hard? Then the thought came to me "just do it". It may seem hard, but it will never be easier until we just practice and do it. that applys for everything. But especially this now. if its what needs to be done in the mission, it needs to be DONE. If anyone else can do it, so can I, right? its just the fact of DOING it. so thats my motto for the week, JUST DO IT ;) 

We did our musical number there too. which was fun! it was really neat! I dont remember if I already told you or not, but it was a mix of Jesus once of humble birth and silent night. It was neat! Super fun, I miss stuff like that ;) 

Then, we did another one on Sunday too. This time, a girl in the ward sang and played her flute with us too. it was really cool! it was I know that my redeemer lives. 
President and his wife came to our ward on Sunday to speak. It was really neat! It definitely helped with the excitement in the ward. They are great. I think we have the best President and wife there are!! 

Fun too this week, we got to help a member paint their house. they are doing a LOT of remodeling, so it was fun! They are completely changing their house, and its been crazy a month or more!! haha but great to be able to help them. The elders came too to help, because they had a lot. and i think the whole family and the construction workers mentioned we paint faster and better than the elders ;) hehe of course we do!! ;) 

We ran do Caldera today again. Fun! We played futbol...eh...soccer on the beach (I think I will forever call it football instead of soccer) and took pictures. it was fun! I sure love that little town! 

one last thing. that less active we took to church last week? Hermana Tuft´s mom found her missionaries on facebook!! And have been talking to them. We told this lady, Elba, and she was SO HAPPY! She was so excited that we found them. Shes the cutest lady! 

Well, hope you all have a great week!! miss and love you all lots!! 
--Hermana Severtson

P.S. Oh, and we made cookies for our zone meeting on Tuesday. Christmas sugar cookies!! YUM!!! heres us making them, and them in the fridge!

P.S.S. My companion and I with Elba, us at caldera (bahía inglesa), and our old district.... from last transfer. but i didnt have the picture. there will be a new one soon ;) 

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