30 December 2013

Feliz Navidad Prospero Año Y Felicidad!


This week of Christmas was a great one!! Definitely still felt the "Christmas Spirit" from 20 hours away in plane, in the heat! Its universal! ;) 

Lets see. 
So Tuesday, Christmas Eve, was a good day! We had a couple appointments in the morning, so we got those done. Then we went to the Tapia Family to help them cook. They offered that if we knew of any families that wouldnt have a Christmas dinner, we could help cook and take some food to them. We had one, and the Elders had a few, so we all went over all afternoon and helped them cook! We made probably 8 pans of brownies, and 8 pans of carrot cake. YUM! ;) It was super fun though! Then, we got to go deliver these dinners, that was the best part. It was amazing to see their excitement. 
After that, we went to Kelly and Luis Pizarro´s house for dinner. That was fun too, their house is all neat and decorated all Christmassy, so it was really fun. 
Then, we went home to sleep!! Well, we tried to sleep. Haha, it was loud all night, because here, everyone waits untilmidnight to start opening presents, so there were parties all night. Especially our college kid neighbors, partying until7am!! haha ;) but we slept all we could ;) hehe 
We woke up, opened our presents from each other, family, and members (thanks SO much everyone!!) and started to go to our District Meeting that was Christmas morning. We had a breakfast party too, so that was fun ;) gift exchange, meeting, leaving! And we found a little cat in the chapel... someone must have left it there. 2 of them, but one had died by the time we found it ;(
Next, the Lozano family invited us for lunch, so we all went there too. This ward is great! ;)
NOW, the best part of the day. when i got to talk to YOU GUYS!!! It was so great to see you all again! the best christmas gift a missionary could ask for ;) I cant believe how big you all are and growing, only in 10 monthsss!! haha 
Then we went to go work that afternoon!! 

This week too, was kinda sad, because a lot of the college kids in the ward went home, and a lot of the families are traveling for the summer. Investigators, converts, members, its sad! But, they will all come back here in march! 

A cool story. We went last night to visit our Ward Mission Leader, but apart from mission stuff, just to talk and have a lesson with him and his family. At the end, we ask if there is anything we can do to help them. Nothing... then the little 10 year old says "can you talk to the president for me? I need a Book of Mormon to give my friend". :) awwww hes been bringing his friend to church for a few weeks now, and his friend loves to read. So he wants to give him a Book of Mormon! They are a great family, so fun! 

AND, to end off the week. Hermana Tuft cut my hair again ;) SHORT this time! But I really like it!! After she trimmed it a couple weeks back, I thought I might want it a little shorter. So I up and went for it! And I like it!! ;)

les amo muchisimo, espero que tuvieron una feliz navidad, y tengan un feliz año nuevo tambien!! Pongan metas, y hagan todo a lograrlos ;) son importantes!! ;) verdad, les amo mucho mucho. y les extraño tambien!! 
hasta la proxima semana, 
--Hermana Severtson

P.S. oh! also, i wanted to tell ya. 
i bought shoes today.. my foot was hurting again, so i bought some good ones. so theres a charge for that on my credit card. 
and, for school, a lot of the north americans went home today, two weeks early, so they could start school. we will see if pres does that again in the summer, but we will see. because i know byu and them start later than asu. so we will see. but for right now, im feeling again that i should go home early to start school that august. but i will think about it these next couple weeks, try to talk to the counselor, and see what happens! 
love you!!!

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