09 December 2013

Primary, Musical Numbers, LOVING THE MISSION

Another fun week here! 
we had the primary program this week! And, they asked me to play the piano for them. SO FUNN!!! Reminded me of last year, when I did the same for our ward. Ahh, i miss it ;) It was great! My favorite (only) calling ;) 

We have yet to find a house! The other hermanas we lived with moved out though, to something closer to their sector. its weird living alone now, but its good. 
The elders that are now in our ward, too, managed to find something within a WEEK! we´ve only been looking for like 2 months, finding nothing! haha hopefully this week, we have a few appointments to look at houses today andtomorrow

Its cool to have elders in the same ward as us though. its neat. they are just different from hermanas, and the ward is really excited to be able to work with them too. 

we are doing a musical number this friday at our mission conference. and we want to do another one in sacrament meeting too, we will see if we have time! but this one we are doing on friday is cool. its a medley of silent night and jesus once of humble birth. maybe we can see if someone can film it...not sure if we can or not! :)

we have this less active, Elba. She is 86 years old, and only less active because she cant go to church. She always tells us about "her missionaries" from when she got baptized 45 years ago. and how she "has to go to her church". so this sunday, we got our ward mission leader to help us take her to church. it was so special! She LOVED seeing everyone!! Even cried because she saw so many people she remembered from when she was able to go. ahh!! it was so neat! 

Thats cool about Caleb winning the Spelling Bee!! thats so neat! ahh my hermanito ;) So proud of him!! He might have to teach me a little about spelling in English after this! I used to always be able to spell, not anymore! haha 

I still have not gotten the package. We have a zone meeting tomorrow, and the conference on friday. So either one of those days, I should get it. hopefully! ;) 

Brother Judd does go back this week too. He said he might come back here the first of the year, or stay with his family for a little bit. but this week im pretty sure hes heading back to the US! 

Hmm... another shortish one... sorry!! lo siento ;) but hey, Christmas is coming soon! you gotta let me know what time so we can start talking to members in the next couple weeks!! ;) so exciteddd!!! 

love you LOTTSS!!!! 
--Hermana Severtson

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