30 September 2013

Kami Letter from Copiapo (dated 9/30/13)

Hello Hello!!
No more spiders, rats, dog bits (still a million dogs though) earthquakes, ... nice and calm here in Copiapo. 
The only not so calm news.... We found out last Sunday that our ward has to double our church assistance in 5 months, or they`ll close our chapel and add us to one of the other wards. Everyone in the ward is doing all they can to invite their friends and visit less actives, so thats good. But we are all worried!! Its just ironic, because doubling the church attendance is the mission goal for the next 3 years with our mission president...and now we have to do it in 5 months! But I know we can do it ;) Faith and everyone working together!

Looks like Porter had a good big 18, cant believe my little brother is 18!! crazy! And GOOD that queen creek won Higley ;) WOO HOO!! haha 

Im so excited for conference this week! here we watch it live, but its at 1 and 5 here. weird! But im so excited!! A little jealous that you are all GOING ;) but have fun!! Ill watch for ya! 

Yesterday the YSA did the talks in sacrament, so they asked me to accompany their musical number, so i did. I miss it so much!! haha Im glad Ive had more opportunities though to play lately ;) 

I wanted to ask too. About my emails to gma and gpa porter. Ive been forwarding my answers to you, have you or they been getting them now? 

And as for school. I remembered that I deferred my "leave" until January 2015, then my scholarship after I recieved my call for August 2014... so i have to figure out something either way. If all goes as planned with the transfer schedule, I would leave here August 11, and get home Tuesday the 12th, then school starts the next Thursday, right? I guess maybe that would be enough time, Ill have to see. Maybe once it gets a little closer I can email my counselor or something. But like you said, I could even teach piano again, which I would LOVE! And itd would be awesome to get student teaching with JuLee... ;) We`ll have to see if we can get that figured out ;) 

Have you guys heard anything about Amanda? I know she was doing her summer performance mission in Nauvoo, then planning to go on a mission after. Have you heard about if she has a call or anything yet? Or Katie Coon? When was she leaving? 

Also, could you send me my seminary teachers email address? I`d like to talk to him about the mission too. Porter might have it, or you could ask him on my facebook ;) 

Hope you start feeling better, and hope you all enjoy your conference weekend and trip!! Super fun, enjoy it!!
Love you all lotsss!!
<3 Hermana Severtson

P.S. hey too, i forgot!
brother judd brought us a box yesterday... full of american candy and hot cheetos ;) it was so nice of him! oh yumm!! haha
and thats cool you guys are going to go out to dinner with him and his wife, thats neat!! 
maybe i can send stuff home with him to give to you when he goes back! ill have to see if i can find stuff by then ;) haha then maybe i wont have to send a christmas package either! ;) 

love yaaa!!!

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