09 September 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 9/9/13)

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Hello to the Home Front!

Kami Severtson Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 9:41 AM
To: Toby Severtson 
POR FIN. I get to keep a companion. ;) Hermana Rindlisbacher and I (and Hna Santos and Hna Delgado who we live with) are all staying together this next transfer!! I´m really excited, finally I get to keep a companion and a sector. ;) First time for me! We were really happy when the assistants called us Saturday night to tell us that. Except they were messing with us a little..like for me "you`ve known iquique, antofagasta, and now copiapo. you`re getting to know the mission well. would you like to get to know more? you still havent been to arica, calama, chanarral...." but i figured i was staying. especially because they told my companion she was staying before they told me ;)
But its probably going to be a quick transfer! we have chilean independence day the 18th this month...and they celebrate it all week. and we will have general conference. My companion will be 6 months, and me 7 and 8 this transfer. WOW. but itll be fun to celebrate it all together!

My foot though... still having problems. :( Today its not too horrible, good because we have a lot of Pday things to do, but yesterday was bad. and a few other days this week. we had to come home early quite a few nights for it. Elder Chacon gave me some pain killer to take for it (which doesnt help with too much pain) but also makes me still walk on it. it hurts less, so i work, then it hurts worse the next day and i still have tendonitis. hopefully it will start to get better. we have a conference on saturday, so hopefully i can talk to him and/or president about it then. 

Something cool. and kinda scary i guess. but i liked it and it was cool. i felt 2 earthquakes this week. One was REALLY strong during our personal study. it was so neat!! it was my first time to ever feel an earthquake, so i thought it was cool. i have no idea what number or degree or whatever it was, but it was kinda cool ;)

yesterday in church, i gave my first talk! just about support and help from the members, so it was pretty easy. i was kinda nervous because it was my first one in spanish, but it wasn`t too bad actually! ;) then, us missionaries also did a musical number. i played the piano! which i loved because i miss it so much!! we found the music for "come thou fount" the one i played at home. then another girl in the ward played the violin for it. and the other hermanas sang. it was pretty fun too!

its also been starting to get HOT HOT HOT. and its not even SPRING yet! i`m already getting my tan on ;) it got up to like 91 i think. if the converter on our phone is right. WOW. and im in the southern-most part for sisters, meaning the coldest too. haha 

we had daylight savings again...so we lost an hour. i really dont like this thing! im glad AZ doesnt do it! 

As for those 2 kids, we have not had a chance to go meet with them again. we had an appointment, and they werent home, but they had told us they might have something else, but would try to be home. and we tried once more, but i think they were still in school. then with my foot, we had problems to be able to get to their house (its kinda far) and with actually going out to work. but we are going to really try again this week. 

and that SD card, yeah, its just the same size as my camera. so the regular one? i have no idea. but yes, the same size that my camera takes.

and as for your ulcer and job, hopefully everything works out...yikes! two big crazy things going on at once! but everything will work out how heavenly father needs it to, and will be for the best. but i think you should try to get that ulcer out... doesnt sound fun being sick all the time, especially with fevers and everything! yikes..

hopefully things start going better with those. and that bentley can find a job! and the boys are doing good with their football, scouts, but always keeping up with school too ;) learn lots, work hard, and always do your best! remember what you know, be happy, and let your light shine ;)

love you lots!!!
<3 hermana severtson

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