16 September 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 9/16/13)

Wow Wow Wow! Keeping busy!! Glad to hear your surgery went well. And Bentley got a job!! Woo hoo!! Hopefully Porter can get one too pretty soon. and you are going to conference! IM JEALOUS!! But I will for sure look for you all (and yes, we do watch it live.) We`ll all have to go again when Im home!! 
You asked about the earthquake too. It was just a little one, probably no more than 3 or 4 seconds, so I wasnt too worried. But it sure was neat to feel! 
Then for speaking in Spanish. Its getting so much better. Its crazy, sometimes I actually sit there and think..."wow. Im understanding and speaking without really thinking about it!" haha then I think too "wow, im in chile. i live in south america. ive been here in chile for 6 months" and kinda freak out... ;) its so weird to think im so far away, because its just normal now! i almost forgot what its like at home, because everything here is so different.
and for the piano, im afraid i`ll forget it, but i seem to remember about the same. i usually dont play much more than hymns. (I played the piano too at the conference we had with president) and sometimes its just hard to remember what they are in english and how they go, but i remember soon enough ;) im excited though to be able to play all my old songs! 

for the independence day this week, everyone is out of school and most out of work for the whole week. I know we go home early on wednesday (the 18th, the independence day) because everyone is drinking and stuff, but i feel like it will be a whole weekend thing. we`ll see. everyone is traveling too, most of the ward is gone, so we`ll see! ;) 

As for this week we had here, it was a pretty good one! 
Last Monday, we were walking down the street during our Pday, and a guy comes up behind us "I hear ENGLISH"...we turn around and theres this old guy on a bike. He tells us his name is Garth, and he rode his bike all the way from VANCOUVER CANADA to Copiapo chile. and we met him on his year anniversary. he is going to go down to argentina then fly home. he does it for charity. He has a facebook page "Garth Rides For Hope"... so maybe you guys could check it out. But wow! that seems really cool, riding a bike from canada to chile in a year!! LONG TIME. he knows parts of 35 languages, because he`s done it through europe and stuff too. crazy! 

My foot is doing better, I didnt change anything again.... still doing everything the same as before, and it healed. I hope this isnt a cycle through my mission.... good for a month or two then hurts for 2 weeks, good for a month or two... but whatever. Now that my foot is better, I`ve gotten myself a cold or something too. My throat hurts, my ears hurt, and I always feel super tired. But whatever I guess... i`ll get better soon enough! haha 

I had been wanting for like 3 months to cut my hair...I was sick of it! But I was also afraid of the salons here, because Ive heard crazy stories. So finally, Hermana Santos told me she could try if I wanted. She cuts her own hair, and its pretty easy, but she never cut anyone else before. So she tried it, and I love it!! Its just a little shorter, but the gross ends are off and my bangs are shorter again ;) I love it! haha 

The conference we had with President went really well too. They talked about our goals for the mission. By the time president ends his mission in 3 years, we want to double the church attendance every week, double the amount of converts every month, double how many members have temple recommends, and have them announce a temple in the north of chile ;) They talked about how we have to be exactly obedient in all aspects, and disobedience of one affects the success of the whole mission. it was really cool!
I talked to president about my foot too. He told me in October, we are getting a senior couple missionaries, and He is a retired physical therapist! So i`ll get to talk to him then. perfect! 

This week we have been trying to find more to teach. The Elders Quorom President in another ward showed us 4 houses of people he works with that are interested in the church, so we are going this week to talk to them. One, is a less active man who is wanting to get reactivated, and his wife and kids arent members. woo hoo! 

We were at a members house the other night, and they asked to see my pictures. They speak english very well, so they know a lot of american tv shows. they said Jonah looks like the kid in The Middle!! ;) I dont remember the characters names at all, and she didnt either, but she said Jo totally looks like him ;) haha 

anyways. I am probably going to finally have time to buy new shoes today...so look for that charge coming from my credit card ;) 

hope you all have a great week! Make it a good one ;)
love you lots!

--hna severtson

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