02 September 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 9/2/2013)

Hello Hello!!!

Thanks for your letter this week! I love getting letters from all of you ;) I apologize to all you kids if I ever don`t have time to email back. A reminder too, you still can send those DearElder. Those are always fun to get when we get our "pouch" mail. ;) But emailing is fun too, so just whatever you all like! I just love hearing from everyone!!

I sent a letter to you guys a month or so back, my first week here in Copiapo. (and today is the last week, so i might have more transfer news next week!!) I know there was some strike or something going on with ChileCorreo, that just ended, so that might be why you never got it. But I sent something, so be looking out for it! 

Also, I have been thinking. I want to send you guys some stuff for Christmas, and probably should mid-end of october! how crazy fast thats coming up. what kinds of things would you all like me to send you??

We had a crazy week here. The stake did a mini MTC activity, where all the missionaries in the stake and all youth came. we taught them about how to prepare for a mission, how to teach, and did role plays. then after, some went to another building to do contacting, and some stayed to help bring people in for an "open chapel". Hermana Santos and I taught the Plan of Salvation to a bunch of people, so that was cool. we even made big picture things for each of the parts. it was pretty cool! and a bunch of the kids got more excited about serving missions. 
Funny though, there were probably about 40 missionaries or so, and youth less than that. But here that`s considered a good turn out ;) I just laugh, because including missionaries and leaders that were there, the youth in Montelena are more than that ;)

Then that same night, we had a ward activity to watch The Other Side of Heaven. It was in Spanish, but i always love that movie. Ive only seen it a couple times, but its a good one ;)

So like i said about those plan of salvation pictures, we had our stuff ALL over the floor during lunch one day, since we don`t have a mamita, we have 2 hours at home to make food, eat, study... so we were starting this plan of salvation thing. Then the elders in the office call us, to say they`re on their way to our pension to fix one of the doors, and theyll be there in half hour. We all dropped what we were doing and threw everything where it needs to go. we laughed after, because it totally was like the Best 2 Years when the President comes to their house and they throw everything everywhere last minute ;) haha 

We found two new investigators to teach this week too. Guillermo and Consuelo. We were out doing contacting, walking the streets, and my companion says "we should knock this door"....and i was JUST about to say the same thing. They`re 2 twins, 14 years old. And were really interested! We started the lesson 1, the restoration, and about how god is our heavenly father, loves us, sent us prophets.. and Guillermo says "Hey, its a lot like our church" (they`re catholic). Their aunt walks in "no no no no no its different from ours! these kids have to study, you have to come back another day!!" haha but they scheduled a new appointment with us and said they really wanted to know why our church is different and all the stuff we believe, and were really receptive to the lesson. it was so neat!

So guess what.... my foot has started to hurt a little bit these past couple days. ;( the same foot, but a different part. I am still taking medicine and doing everything normal, so i dont know why its hurting me again! hopefully it goes away soon this time, and im not stuck at home forever again. 

Did our member in our ward ever call you? he should be back here in chile now, so if not, its too late ;) but no worries!

Today for our pday activity, we went to Caldera. Its a little city about an hour from Copiapo, still part of our zone. Its on the beach! So our ward mission leader drove us 4 hermanas and the zone leaders there, and we met up with a couple other elders from our zone, and the other zone here in copiapo. It was so pretty!! i`ll attach some pictures, and when other people send me some, attach those too. ;) it was super fun! i think i got sunburn though, and now im really tired ;) but it was a fun last pday of the transfer!! 

to answer your quesions, yes, i still do keep in touch with bryndee, we email every week. and what you said about if it was mom doing the solo, she`d be laughing not singing....yup that was us ;) but luckily Hermana Pack from the other zone DOES sing and saved us by making us a trio ;) haha 

hope all continues to go well for you all. learn lots in school, be an example to everyone, and stay happy!!
love you!!

--hna severtson

P.S. these pics are from Caldera, and some from the top of the cerro in our sector. its all part of our area. the other one, thats like a path, i kinda thought looked like havasupai ;) then spent a good amount of time telling my companion about havasupai and how great it is. she wants to go sometime ;)

P.S.S. the third one is my area ;) from the conference with elder viƱas. i cant figure out how to do it separate! ha


oh also, if that guy in the ward didnt talk to you, can you send me the sd card of music? pretty much whatever efy music we have, from all the years we have. because a good variety is good to have here ;) i bought the music player today because it was really cheap. and if we have time (probably not today, but maybe next week but ill let you know) i need to buy new shoes again, for my feet, and id use my credit card :(

miss and love you lots!

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