23 September 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 9/23/13)

Good to hear you finally heard from Brother Judd...and that he`s still there in Mesa. That would be awesome too if you could get together with him before he comes back. I`ll probably be here another 2 transfers. Nothing is certain, but they`re changing things so that everyone stays in their sector about 6 months. I was going to say too, dont worry about sending me that brown bag either... I dont need it. ;) 
And you went to Chicago again?? Wow! Hopefully it all goes well for ya and you wont have to travel so much anymore! I hope youre feeling better too... 
I cant believe that about Porter. WOW. He had brought it to school before though, right? hahaha Good thing he didnt get in any trouble though. yikes! hahaha 

So our independence day here was good..... As good as it can get! ha Everyone in our sector was traveling. No one was home.Wednesday-Sunday it was a ghost town. For real. There was NO BODY. It sorta worked out (...I guess...) because I was sick for a lot of it. And our doctor gave me some medicine to take to get better faster, but it made me SLEEP. I was so tired all the time. But he told me just to sleep...because no one is here anyway! haha but we managed to work more in the afternoon...and I feel a lot better now! And my foot is continuing to feel better too. 
On Wednesday (independence day) we ate lunch at the Zuñigas house in our ward. He served his mission in Chile Antofagasta from 1991-1993 or so.... when did Brother Case serve here?? I asked if he knew him, but he was going to go look through his stuff and see. 
Also, because of the independence WEEK, we didnt ever get the chance to visit any of those references or any new people. So we are really going to work with them this week. 
For real. I heard independence day was bad. But i didnt imagine EVERYONE gone, or partying. Wednesday was the 18th, and through saturday night we still heard people partying!! haha 

Guess what else we had this week? RATS AND SPIDERS. Wednesday we came home from lunch, and found a RAT in our kitchen! We were all running around figuring out what to do, when Hermana Santos yells saying she caught it under her foot. It climbed under a box, and she figured she`d try to step on it to stop it, even though they run really fast, and she did!! We found a bucket for it to run into when she lifted her foot off..... but when she lifted her foot, it was dead. She was so sad because she didnt want to kill it, just stop it, and she didnt press that hard. But I guess it solved our problem... haha 
Then that night and thursday and friday, we found a MILLION spiders!! They`re HUGE and the rincon kind... venomous. The only venomous thing Chile has. But we were afraid. and every time we found one, we found a couple. So we were really scared! We decided to all put our clothes in our suitcases and always zip them, so the spiders couldnt hide in our clothes. As I was putting mine in... I found one. EWW I attached a picture of it dead on my shirt. its dead and shrivled and still HUGE!! But we havent seen them since.... definitely an answer to our prayers right there! 

I also found out this week... that remember a few years back about the 33 miners that got stuck in the mine for a couple months? And they all lived when they finally found them and got them out? Well, I found out that was Copiapo, and the mine is in our sector. cool! haha our ward mission leader told us maybe one of these pdays he can take us over there to look at it. 

And as for school too. Yes, that was something I was considering, starting in January 2015 instead. Im still considering it... if it would even be possible with my scholarship deferrment. But I know too Im supposed to do some clinic things before school started. and they were going to try to get me in to do it real quick when im home. And im not sure too... i was thinking, i might even have to start the internship when THAT school starts. and id miss that for sure. I have no idea. Could you try to look into it, and ask them if I could even defer it one more semester? If they even tell you anything about it? If not, I could try emailing someone too. We`ll see. What do you think would be best? 

Happy Birthday to Porter this week too! I hope he enjoys his big 18..and stays out of trouble now that hes legal ;)  
Love you lots!!
--Hermana Severtson

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