29 July 2013

Kami letter from Antofagasta (dated 7/29/13)

GGUEESSS WHHAATT?? I`m being transferred again!
I`m going more south again (colder...) to Copiapo. and I`m senior companion!! My companion is another gringa, with one less transfer than me. So we`ll see if I forget my Spanish again. :) I want to try to speak more spanish with her, but we`ll see how it goes ;) And this area is more flat, so it will be better for my foot. My companion got transferred too, to my old area in iquique. 2 Elders are going to be taking our place here. 

My foot actually is doing a LOT better. A LOT. It only hurts a teeenny bit. Last monday night I got a blessing for it, and since then it`s been a LOT better. Then Elder Chacon did the massage to realign (?) my tendons once again. 
Ok, so you asked how it started. 
First, I think it was my shoes. The ones we had bought before I left hurt because of the little heal, so I wear them only sometimes. I was wearing flats and because this sector is the worst with hills and such, it just messed it up. I bought new shoes, and it got better. But I guess it didn`t heal correctly, because it came back about a month later. This time (possibly last time too) it was tendonitis. It started to hurt at the bottom of my ankle, on the top of my foot, where it bends, on the outside. (I hope this makes sense). Then, it started to hurt a little on the inside, the big bone that`s right there. (this would be a lot easier if i knew the names of the bones :)  ). After that, once I started working again, it hurt half way up my shin and calf, because i was walking different so it wouldn`t hurt the first spot. It started feeling like a pull of something or a snap. then changed to feeling tight and tense. and now my ankle pops even more than before, but that doesn`t hurt ;)
I hope that makes sense. if not, oh well, because it feels a LOT better. I have two types of pills and two types of cream for it that I use everyday, a couple times a day. For the pain, swelling, strength... so it`s been a lot better! 

Ok, want to know something that I`m ashamed to write...? So we went to visit a less active lady that we haven`t visited in a while, because she lives way uphill. it had been probably 3 weeks or more. Anyway, she says to me "eres poco mas gordita!" which translates to..... "you`re a little more chubby" :( :( :( 
Here in chile, and the latino culture, it`s not mean to say things like that, so i just laugh. but yes. it`s true. I`ve gained a little weight here!! :( haha probably because almost every house we go to they offer us SOME kind of food, and we have to accept because it`s rude not to. Then with me in the house not walking for like 2 weeks... yeah. And I only have 5 months here! So we`ll see how "gordita" I am when I get home ;)

We also this week, got copies of the Liahona. for May, June, and July. FINALLY we have the conference edition, I`ve been waiting and waiting to read it again!!  So i`ve been studying that a lot this week. 
That`s awesome that Caleb finished the book of mormon again. Good job dudey!! ;) Enjoy those chicken wings, and  start again! 
I, like you said Dad, do find the book of mormon easier in spanish. There are some scriptures that translate a little different too, and have a cool meaning that way. It`s neat! I`ll have to explain them to you all sometime. It gives a new outlook on the scriptures and the application.

I thought the other day, is my car about paid off yet? It should be pretty soon, right?

Well, I gotta get wrapped up, because we have just a couple hours until I gotta leave to Copiapo! I`m excited for this new adventure! My companion and I thought for sure we will stay together, but nope! We both left! 

Hope you all have a great week!!
Remember always that you`re awesome and that I love and miss you lotsss!! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

P.S. Here are some pics! My companion and I at the bus terminal this morning, my mamita and her daughter, and me with all my medicine for my foot. one of the other sisters made this sign so everyone could help me remember to take my medicine so my foot heals ;)

P.S.S. some of my whole zone and us at the bus terminal once again! 

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