15 July 2013

Kami letter from Antofagasta (dated 7/15/13)

Happy 5 months to me!! ;) 
I celebrated by making brownies for us 4 hermanas ;) And I gotta say, they were VERY yummy ;) And i think I ate more than half the pan..because I was stuck at home for my foot again.  Yep. All week!!!  So Monday, like I mentioned last week, I had to wait the 72 hours to leave and use it very little. That I did, but the 72 hrs is supposed to be through Tuesday. Tues morning we had our district meeting, and I went to that because I was feeling a lot better. BUT walking back from our Mamita`s from lunch, only like 6 or 7 blocks, it swole up a bunch again! 

So wednesday, I woke up all ready to go out to work, but after showering and getting ready for the day, my foot was HUGE again. and purple. like the blood wasn`t flowing right. So, I rested it again all wednesday.
Thursday, we went again to our weekly planning, and once again, walking home from Mamita`s, it swole up again. SO I let it rest. Again. And we called Elder/Doctor Chacon, and he said that because it keeps hurting and swelling, I need to not leave until it doesn`t hurt at ALL. 

Friday, still hurt, so I rested. Saturday, still hurt, so Elder Chacon came to do some medical massage thing on it. He at first said he didn`t want to do it, because it will hurt me and his hands..but after a week of not healing it`s what needed to be done. So I was a little afraid at first, but he numbed it with ice first to lower the swelling. and I didn`t feel anything, but I don`t think it was very hard either. It was kinda weird though, an elder giving me a foot massage... ;) haha no, it wasn`t like I make Porter always do :) it was just his finger rubbing on my ankle. ha but a couple other elders came with him, and the whole time asking if they could have their massage next, and elder chacon would just say "...NO" haha 

Sunday, still hurt once again, and so we didn`t go to church, because to walk to church is downhill and rocky and would be bad on my foot. So some of the elders had to bring me and my companion the sacrament. 
So here I am today, I haven`t left the house since thursday after the appointment, besides right now to write you guys. I thought it was a lot better than it is, because just to walk down here to the cyber hurt quite a bit more. Yikes... I just want it to feel better! I don`t like having to just wait for it to get better. I feel bad because it`s halting our work, and the work of the other hermanas we live with because my companion does splits with them a lot so someone can stay home with me. AND I feel bad because I feel like i`m not doing anything! I can sit at HOME in ARIZONA and wait for my foot to heal, I`m here to work! haha, hopefully this week will be better. I`m really hoping so! 

I`ve been reading a lot, because there`s not much else to do :) I started reading that Relief Society book, Daughters in my Kingdom, but in Spanish. And I was surprised I can understand a lot more of it than I thought! 
This transfer, I can understand a LOT more. That was my problem before, understanding, and that has improved a lot. I can understand almost everything. And my speaking has improved too. I really only use English to read the scriptures (sometimes, I do that in Spanish a lot too), to write in my journal, to write you guys, and talk with some missionaries. So it`s improved a LOT this transfer! And I can`t believe it! Only 2 more weeks of this transfer, it went SO fast! But, I don`t know, I feel like I`m going to stay this next transfer with my companion. We`ll see though ;)

We still have yet to meet our new president, I hope this week we get to know him! I`m excited to! Whenever our meeting is with him, we will have interviews. So it will be cool to get to know him personally. 

As for Carolina and Franco, all still is going good with them! Carolina talked to her mom about being pregnant, and her mom was really calm about it. That`s one difference about here in Chile, the parents are all SO relaxed, even if their kids are doing drugs or are pregnant. It`s crazy! We see kids like 13 or 14 ALL THE TIME smoking, it`s so sad. 
But anyways, we have planned a Family Home Evening with them this week (hopefully I can go) and we`ll watch a movie like the Restoration or something, so that will be good for them. ;)

Sad to hear too that you`re going back off gluten! I wanted to send you all some really yummy treats and cookies. They have these coconut cookies here (that are delicious) that I thought Dad would love because he likes coconut ;) I`ll have to send other non-gluten treats sometime too then ;)

Your trips all looked so fun! The beach, cabin, girls camp... ahh I miss girls camp a lot ;) But I hope you`re all getting prepared to start school here pretty soon too! 
have a great week!

Con amor, 
--Hermana Severtson

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