08 July 2013

Kami letter from Antofagasta (dated 7/8/13)

Hello Hello!
Things are still going great here in Antofagasta. Still loving every moment of everything! :) My foot started giving me more problems this week though... I do have tendonitis and I guess it takes up to a year for it to completely heal. So walking fast and a lot on unstable/bumpy ground messed it up again. It doesn`t hurt as bad as last time, and in a different spot, but Doctor/Elder Chacon told me to stay off of it for 72 hours. 3 DAYS. Yeah, I`m not sure about that ;) I rested Saturday night, Sunday after church, and this  morning we went and did some Pday errands, and it started to hurt a bit more. So I`m going to rest more tonight and maybe part of tomorrow, depending on how I feel. I don`t like sitting at home just waiting for it to heal! I feel like it`s wasting time, but I just have to keep telling myself that a day or two now to heal is better than possibly a week later. We had the Testament and the Restoration videos, so I watched those in Spanish, and hey! Actually understood more or less. helps too that i`ve seen them several times before ;) 

I still have yet to meet our new Mission President...I hope this week or next week! But he came with new "news" from the area presidency and the quorom of the 12. All missionaries, elders and sisters, will have to use bags instead of backpacks. It looks more professional. For us now, it`s when we have to buy a new backpack, to buy a bag instead. But all new missionaries will come with bags. Interesting! But I think for the good. Also, for more help from the members. He`s going to really apply what they said in that broadcast a couple weeks ago. Dad, from your mission, do you have any advice for working with the members? Getting their confidence, references, unity, ...?

How was your 4th of July?? We celebrated here ;) me, with the 2 argentina and 1 peruana sisters I live with ;) we bought french fries and coke and celebrated! We had a good time. And the Argentina Independence day is coming up too, along with our cumplemes (the month anniversary of our mission..me 13th, 2 on the 14th, and one on the 18th). So we`ll have more parties and celebrating! :)

Hey, quick question, do you know how to get an oil stain out of a shirt? Oil from a fence. The gate brushed against my WHITE shirt and left a mark. I tried Vanish, bleach, ... and it won`t go away ;(

The people we are teaching are going good. We found a new girl the other day, Carolina and her brother Franco. Carolina is almost 18 and Franco is 11. They are both GREAT and really receptive to what we are teaching. They were really excited to go to church with us. During our second lesson, Carolina mentioned how she had a "personal experience" happen and she prayed and felt a lot better. After the lesson, she told us that she recently found out she is 1 mo pregnant, her boyfriend left because of it, and she doesn`t know how to tell her mom. Yikes.... We prayed with her, and told her she can pray too and she felt a lot better and calmer. BUT I think she did tell her mom and got her punishment. Carolina is always looking forward to our lessons, and when we stopped by, her mom said "oh she`s busy right now" and wouldn´t let us visit her. And they ended up not being able to come to church. They were amazing investigators! We pray for her and hope we can visit her again. 

As for Porter and his AP score... AWESOME! wow, he`ll for sure have college credit. He can start applying for ASU in november or december i think. and for me, they sent me the scholarship offer with the application. for applying to the school, they look at your test scores, grades, and school participation to automatically offer the scholarship. He`ll for sure get one! Good job bud! :)

I can`t believe that Cal leaves in a couple weeks either. Wow! Time flies, that`s for sure. but how great for him. The mission is the best place to be. Before we know it, it`ll be Porter, then Jonah will be home! ;) 

Hope you`re all enjoying San Diego! Take lots more pictures! I love the pictures you sent so far, everyone has already grown so much! WOW! 

Love you lots! and miss you!
<3 Hermana Severtson

ps pictures attached are our 4th of july party ;)

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