22 July 2013

Kami letter from Antofagasta (dated 7/22/13)

Hello Familia!
This week, I have to admit, was a little hard. I still LOVE the mission absolutely, but with my foot it`s a little discouraging. 
Wednesday, I finally felt good enough to get out and work. It hurt after a couple hours, so we had to come home a little early to rest, but still I did it! Same with ThursdayFridaySaturday... Saturday after lunch it hurt pretty bad again, and swole up again. And Sunday, just to SIT in church, swole up, up to half way to my knee, and felt huge and "asleep" kinda. It`s just annoying because some days are better than others, but overall, I think it`s getting a little worse everyday. It`s also frustrating, because when the doctor comes to see how it is, it always feels fine. I tell him that before it`s worse, and always when he leaves it`s worse again, but I don`t have much from him because of this. I feel bad because so many people are affected by it, and I just have to wait. He did tell me though it could be anywhere from 2-5 weeks until it feels completely better. Even the whole ward is worried and asking me about it...what I`m doing, if I know what it is, ... 

We finally got to meet President and Sister Dalton this week, they`re amazing! They`re very humble and have a special light about them, I like them a lot. President has a new vision for us, to work more with members and less actives to get referenes. He said in his mission, he can count on his fingers how many doors he knocked for contacting... almost none. because he worked with members more and had more success this way. I`m excited to try his new ways and see the continuing success we will have. 
In our interviews we had with President, I experienced something amazing for the first time in my mission..... difficulty to speak english. ;) I don`t know why, but I had to really concentrate to speak english! I guess having everyone in my zone except my zone leaders being latino is the reason for that. I really use no english, and I`ve decided to start writing in my journal too in spanish, so I can fully think and act in spanish. I love it! Finally! :) 
ALSO, they told us that in August, we are having a General Authority come! Someone in the 70, I don`t remember who it is. But I`m excited! I imagine we will have the whole mission get together, so that will be fun too. 

I can`t believe it, we already are having transfers next week. I don`t want to transfer, I would really like to stay one more transfer with my companion. Part of me feels like we will because for both of us, we have had a new companion every transfer. But also for my foot, I don`t know if they`ll change me for that. Our sector right now has a big portion up the cerro. But we haven`t gone up in like 3 weeks and my foot still hurts me. And if I leave I`ll not be able to get the medical help as easily. So I don`t know. We`ll hear Saturday or Sunday what our transfers are. 

Thanks for all your love and prayers. But don`t worry about me.. I`ll heal soon enough and be back working like normal in no time... hopefully :) 
Have a great week, and have fun starting school!!
miss and love you lots! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

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