01 July 2013

Kami Letter from Antofagasta (dated 7/1/13)

Another great week in Chile!! and sounds like you are all having a great summer there ;) Enjoying the heat and all, while it`s winter here and we`re trying to stay warm! nah, it`s not that cold..and during the day in the afternoon it still gets kinda hot! ha! 

anyways, happy anniversary to you and mom ;) it was the last day here for President and Sister Bruce, and now we have Pres and Sis Dalton. I still haven`t met them, but I`m sure they`ll be just as great! With President Bruce leaving, he wanted us to exceed our goals and break records. This month, we broke the record of the South America South Area for number of baptisms in a week, number of baptisms in a month, and number of baptisms in 6 months. AND these 6 months, we had more baptisms than when Pres Bruce started here in 2010 all year. pretty cool! we had a goal of 150 baptisms this month, June, and had 163. totaling 683 in the 6 months, when the goal was 670. WOW! Pretty exciting, and now we are the TOP mission in Chile, and south america :D

Yesterday here in Chile was elections. I guess here, and I know Argentina too, it`s the law to vote, and if you don´t, you have to pay a ton of money! crazy! So we also only had sacrament meeting, which we had to get approved because it´s illegal to hold meetings on election day. And all day the streets were empty and the schools and stuff full of people voting, pretty cool! OH, also, I was asked to lead the music in church too. Reminded me of our old Coronado Ward when I was asked to do that for a while ;) It was fun! 

I also found out the other day, that we have a member of the 70 in our ward, he is a member of the area 70 (Bro Giminez), pretty cool too! he spoke in church yesterday, and was talking about the decisions we make in our life. a boy once asked him (thinking he was the prophet since he`s in the 70) what his future was. Bro Giminez answered that his future will be whatever he decides it will be. I thought that was cool, our decisions we make and how hard we work will determine our future. 

Another cool quote I heard, was "If you`re not having a spiritual experience everyday, something is wrong". One of the sisters was in charge of our district meeting, and said that. I thought that was neat too, because it`s so true! Everyday we should be having an experience to strengthen our faith and testimony. There is something in every day that we can learn and grow from, we just have to have the eyes and will to see it. 

There`s a talk from L Tom Perry called "Raising the Bar" that you guys should read. I thought a lot about my brothers when I was reading it, because its all about preparing for the mission. 

If you talk to Wilhelms, tell them thanks for me, I got a card from them the other day, very nice of them ;) and Denise too! Good to hear things are still going good for them, and that Zach is about to leave on his mission! AND I`ll be looking for their friends coming to my mission! How cool! I had never heard of Chile Antofagasta before this, but there`s a lot of friends and people who live close to us! 

I can´t believe how tall Garrett is!!! I saw those pictures you pasted, WOW! Taller than dad?? I can´t believe it! ALSO I couldn`t believe there was a picture of Porter walking into Ross.. haha I`m glad he`s tolerating that store now, and hopefully by the time i`m home, he`ll realize it`s his favorite store too ;) And porter in that snowsuit.. good ol` Porter :) haha Sad though that he got laid off from his job, and Bentley still hasn`t heard from Desert Schools!! Hopefully soon  she`ll hear something. I remember it took a while for mine too after the first interview. And the pictures from Chicago! how cool! I`d like to go back and visit too someday when I`m home ;) 

I love the mission. So much!! It`s the best thing ever, and I`ve already learned so much, I´m excited to see how much more I`ll learn, since I still have a while left in the mission! I miss you all a LOT, but I`m with you forever, and only the mission 18 months ;) 

have a great week, and enjoy San Diego!! Take lots of pictures!!
<3 Hermana Severtson

P.S. Here are pictures of my companion and i at the beach this morning. AND a plan of salvation I made ;) not quite done with it yet, but all done coloring! 

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