24 June 2013

Kami letter from Antofagasta (dated 6/24/13)

Hola familia, otra vez, aquí esta lunes para escribirles ;) 
esta semana fue muy buena!

ok.. i´ll write english for you all... ;) this week was really good. super fun with my new companion, Hermana Albornoz from Argentina! I can already tell a lot of improvement this week in my spanish. I can speak a lot better and understand more still. It´s so nice to finally be able to know what´s going on and not feel so lost anymore :) My new companion is great. She arrived here in Chile the same day as me, but since I was in the MTC longer I have a month more in the mission than her. So once again, we´re both really new. But it´s good, and we both have the same ideas of how things should work, so we hopefully will see lots of success and fun this transfer. 
Speaking of, my companion loves american cookies and wants me to make them sometime ;) Can you guys send me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies? ;)

I met another Queen Creek missionary the other day! He´s Elder Red or Redd or something..but he´s in our stake too. Lives super close to Elder Hamblin. Weird!! 
I was at a members house the other day and they had their iPad and asked my town name. They pulled up Google Maps and we were looking around Queen Creek ;) Super cool! I forgot how different it is there! haha 

My health problems are all back to normal, thank goodness. I just know I´m going to be more careful now with everything I do and eat... ;) Because I was back to normal, I finally got to go to Chañaral for my visa stuff. We (Hna Frost, Hna Castor from Mexico, and I) left at like 2am, took a 5 hour bus ride, hung out at the church until the office opened, waited for like 3 hours at the office, finally it was our turn, took 20 minutes each, and left there around 4:30 arriving back in Antofagasta around 9:30ish. It was a LONG day!! But it´s nice to finally have all of that taken care of! 

yes, we did get to watch that broadcast yesterday. WOW amazing!! It was neat to have the whole world participating too. I hope the stuff they said comes into practice, because even with the little experience I have here, when members refer and help the work is so much better and more effective! So if you guys know of anyone you might want to share the gospel with, tell the missionaries! And doing things like family home evening with the missionaries and their investigators is always fun too. It´s a big thing here to do, I´m not sure if the missionaries in the states do it as much, but we always have members offering to have "Noche de Hogar" with them. 
It made me decide that I´m going to be the one to start stepping up and volunteering, helping, serving, more than I did before. I always was a little shy to do so, but I want to be able to do all I can. 
I also was thinking during it about family history. They mentioned it in the conference. Did you guys ever get a chance to do the temple work for those family names I found? I wish I could do them with you, but I can´t right now ;) 

Hmm.... I think that´s about all for today. The week was really quick, and not much happened since we were adjusting with the tranfers and such. But next week I´ll have more! 

Miss and love you all LOTTSS!! <3 
--Hermana Severtson

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