10 June 2013

Kami Letter from Antofagasta (dated 6/10/13)

hey hey hey!!! 
Well, like you asked, my foot is doing a little better. Ok, a lot, but still not perfect. It hurts a little more at the end of the night, or if we go "up" to work in the cerro/mountain, because it´s SUPER steep! But it´s doing better. The new shoes I bought are a lot better and slowly but surely it´s healing ;) 

BUT, we had another health related adventure this week. I guess my companion and I ate something bad Saturday night. We were at a less-active member´s house, and they gave us chicken and french fries that they had bought somewhere. It was SUPER greasy and you could tell it had been sitting out a little because it was kinda cold. But it was good, so we ate it. Sunday morning, we woke up, I had a little stomach ache, but didn´t think much of it. After church, I felt worse, but still not too bad to work. I had a little headache too, and felt a little weak, but whatever. So we went to lunch, and I felt worse. Then Hermana LeFevre started feeling a little sick too.... I´ll spare you the details, but let´s just say good thing the member had two bathrooms ;) We called the office Elders to pick us up to take us home because we were pretty far from our apartment, which they did thank goodness, and yeah. We were in bed/bathroom the rest of the night. Well, I was, Hermana LeFevre didn´t feel too sick, just had to use the bathroom a lot, I felt sick, had pain in my abs area, and had to use the bathroom ;) I slept pretty much all afternoon and all through the night. I´m feeling a lot better now, just still a little weak and sick because I haven´t eaten much. 

It was just kinda sad, because our zone had a really cool activity planned. We were going to go to La Portada, which is the port area we took pictures our first day with president and play futbol or something on the beach. I was excited, but then I was told I was supposed to go to Chañaral (another city about 6hrs away) to do stuff for my visa. So when I was sick, I was told not to go today, but tomorrow i´ll go. So I was excited to do the activity! But then I still felt sick this morning and we couldn´t go ;( But whatever. We have lots of free time now to relax. 

Wednesday we had our last conference with Pres and Hermana Bruce. They leave the 28th of this month, and our new president comes the 29th. It was a really good conference.. They´re an awesome president and I´ll miss them. But I know too the next President will be good too. They bought us all these super cool Journals that have the mission name and logo on them, they´re really awesome! Funny, whenever we have conferences and stuff, I feel like I always have to do something! ha at the newbies conf I played the piano and said the closing prayer. at our last zone conference i had to bear my testimony with all the other new missionaries, then at this conference, I said the opening prayer. out of EVERYONE! ha ;) I don´t know if it´s good or bad that President knows me :) haha nah, I don´t mind. It´s just kinda funny ;)

We met another cool Less active last week, named Yolanda. oh, she´s hilarious. She´s like 87 years old and has lived alone for the last 20 years. She probably told us at least 5 times that her dog has an attitude and doesn´t eat his food if there´s no meat in it, that her house used to have like 16 rooms but her neighbor had a fire so it´s smaller now, that she likes to cut things, and that has a lot of patience. haha her house was so cluttered and so funny. She had a TON of earrings that she made to sell (but i´m not sure anyone knows shes selling them..ha) and gave us each a pair. And she had a little strand of thread with little plastic babies she tied to it with her patience ;) these babies are like an inch long and super hilarious, I don´t know why she had them. But she gave us each one and told me mine´s named Jonathan. She´s so funny, we are going to go visit her again ;) 

We set a baptism date with our investigator Maria!! We were so excited because when we asked if she wanted to be baptized, she said "por supuesto, no tengo ningún duda" which is "of course, i have no doubt!" but we called her yesterday to go to church, and she said she couldn´t go, and couldn´t be baptized either. ;( We were going to go visit her last night, but we were sick. Ahh we were so sad!! I don´t know what happened... hopefully we can get something figured out. 

We have cambios next week..... Sunday night we find out. I think I´m staying here...but I also thought that last transfer. So we´ll see. I loved this transfer a lot, and my companion! It went so fast. But whatever. Change is good I guess. haha 

I read a good talk this week, by Pres Monson called "Who Honors God, God Honors" It´s about missionary work and preparing for missions, so those boys should read it ;)

Can you look up for me when ASU starts next fall? We´ll have transfers (unless anything changes) June 30 and Aug 11. Aug 11 I would leave here and finally get home like wed the 13... which is exactly 18 months. So I think that´d be really cool. Depending when school starts. 

Thanks for sending pictures of the cousins! How fun! Looks like you are all super busy with all your camps and stuff, but having a good time too. I miss ya all lotss!! 

Love ya!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

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