17 June 2013

Kami Letter from Antofagasta (dated 6/17/2013)

Hola familia!

HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!! I hope you had a wonderful day, love ya daddy! :)

Guess what? This week I hit my 4 months in the mission!! FOUR MONTHS. That´s gone super fast. As for your question with the Spanish, yes, I have improved a LOT. This transfer I was able to understand a LOT more, partly because we had to ;) And as for speaking, I stayed about the same. We mostly spoke English together, so I didn´t improve much in the speaking. But speaking has been easier for me from the beginning. 
BUT, I bet this transfer will be a LOT more improving once again, because I´m getting another Latina companion! Hermana LeFevre is getting transferred, and another latina is coming in. the other two hermanas are staying too, so i´ll live with 3 other latinas, pure spanish ;) Maybe i´ll get to the point of almost forgetting English ;) haha even with my comp now, we sometimes say little things in Spanish without realizing it, so i´m sure with only Spanish, it´ll happen more! 

So like you asked, yes, my foot is doing SO much better. It´s pretty much back to normal. But guess what else? That bad chicken I ate last week? I got an infection from it. haha I guess it´s a good thing i´m in antofagasta right now, and close to the assistants, because between us 4 hermanas and our sicknesses, they have been at our house a LOT. I was sick up until Thursday!! My stomach was swollen and HUGE, I looked like I was pregnant. For real. And it hurt really bad!! It was making these super loud gurgling noises, REALLY LOUD, and it was huge, and I couldn´t walk, sit, anything, it just hurt. And I felt really full like I couldn´t eat anything, and I couldn´t zip up my skirts all the way. It was bad. haha I couldn´t eat any lactose, soda, meat, cake/cookies, nothing. I lived off of bread and soda crackers for like 4 days. NOT FUN. I´m back to a normal diet right now, so that´s nice. 

I felt better monday morning, so we did our pday stuff, then tried to work at night. We were at a members house, and I couldn´t stand it anymore, I felt so sick. They had another friend there, who gave me a blessing. But he didn´t have his oil, so it was just for strength. It was really cool, and my first blessing in Spanish, so that was neat too ;) 

Tuesday morning, once again I felt better at first, went to work, then felt horrible. we once again were at a members, and all i could do was lay on the couch. I had a fever and my stomach was going crazy yelling at me, and I was in a lot of pain. We called Elder Chacon (the doctor) and Elder Bradley in the office to come drive us home and see what´s wrong with me. My companion felt better by Sunday night, but Tuesday night I was still really sick. Elder Chacon gave me 3 different types of medicine to take and told me to rest Wednesday all day. Then they also gave me a blessing..but in English because Elder Bradley is from the US. 
Wednesday, yeah more rest. all day. I went to a member´s house (a good friend of ours here) and slept pretty much all day, and my companion got another member to work with.

Thursday, I started feeling better, went to our planning in the morning, and there I felt really bad again. My stomach got all big again and hurt. We called Elder Chacon again, he told me to rest the afternoon, and to stay really strict on my food restrictions. That night I felt better again, and have felt better ever since! But yeah, interesting week! I hope the health problems are about done for me...for the rest of my mission!

We had stake conference yesterday. It was cool to see again all my friends in Antofagasta. President and Hermana Bruce spoke too..they had like 10+ speakers there! But it was really good..from what I understood from it ;)

That´s about all for this week. Sick, rest, and healing ;) This next week should be SO much better..i hope! ;)
Have fun at EFY and other scout camps this week. EFY is my favorite, I love it! They have EFY here too, and all the youth talk about how fun it is ;) 

Les extraño y les amo mucho! Tengan una buena semana, y voy a escribirles la próxima semana. 
Sea feliz y recuerdan ustedes son hijos de Dios! <3

Con amor, 
Hermana Severtson

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