05 August 2013

Kami letter from Copiapo (dated 8/5/13)

Estoy aquì en Copiapo! 
I like it here. A lot. It`s a lot different than Iquique and Antofagasta, because it`s a little more green and there`s no ocean. The neighborhoods are laid out more like the states (meaning a little more confusing.. ;)  ) and the houses are nicer. There are mountains that look a LOT like the az mountains..or at least what I can remember. ;) I`ll have to take a picture and send them to ya sometime. The weather is nice too. Everyone told me its colder, but I don`t think so. yesterday was super nice all day, we didn`t even use our jackets at night! 
My companion is great too! Hermana Rindlisbacher. She`s from Taylorsville UT and has one less transfer than me. We actually have a lot in common too. We think the same about a lot of things, have friends that are a lot alike, like a lot of the same things... It was funny too. My first day or so here it was hard to speak English with her! I`m a little more used to it now, but every once in a while, we just say things in Spanish without even thinking about it. And, I also feel like my spanish has improved since being here. I feel like I can understand more still and can for the most part speak in spanish without thinking about it. She actually kinda reminds me of Bentley a bit too, she has the same haircut, wears the same style of clothes, and talks like her. And something about her kinda looks like her too.. ;) Its fun! 

So the ride here was interesting. It was an 8 hour bus ride, I left antofagasta around 8:45 ish and got here at like 4am ish. Every passenger is allowed one bag, and us missionaries have 3. So usually, just one person takes them at a time so it doesn`t seem so much ;) BUT I was the last one to be able to take my bags, and since they`re all the same, they knew. and almost didn`t let me take any of them! We had my zone leaders and the assistants begging to take them, but the bus people were just getting mad. Finally, they said "Pleaseeeee, just the little one??" and they accepted that. But of course it had all my books and stuff I don`t use ;) Then Tuesday morning they sent my bags to me and I had them by the afternoon. It was quite the experience, and I thought I wasn`t going to get them for a while, I only had one change of clothes too!! But it all worked out good.

The work was interesting this week too. We had SO many people walk up to us and want to meet with us. One guy met with the missionaries a year or so ago, and they never came back, so he wanted us to come. Another family lived in UT for 10 years and the kids have lots of LDS friends and like to speak English. Another guy came up to us saying his friend is LDS, he has a book of mormon and he likes the teachings of the church. It`s been great! So hopefully we have some more good news coming in the next couple of weeks ;)

So my foot too has been doing a LOT better. A LOT. It`s a LOT flatter here. So that`s healing..and guess what else happened?? Really, if it`s not one thing, its another here..and a little worse, so I don`t want to know what happens next. ANYWAY, a dog bit me. Yup. We were leaving a porch, and next think I know i hear my companion yelling NO NO NO GO AWAY and this huge evil dog came up and bit my leg, and left. I didn`t even see him coming! I thought it was a little scratch and then we went home and I took off my tights, and it was HUGE. I`ll attach pictures. It was actually a blessing I had my tights, I almost didn`t wear them, because it was kinda hot. But I figured it might get a little colder at night, so I put on my only ones I found first, my thick grey ones. So I have a huge cut, like 3 in or so, and a little one above it like an inch. then on the back of my leg, i have a bruise from his bottom jaw. It`s really like his whole mouth was on my leg. It hurt a little, but we went home and cleaned it out and put medicine on it. And we called the doctor/elder again. He asked me a bunch of questions, and it doesn`t seem like it`s infected or anything or I need a shot or something, I really hope not. But it`s starting to do better, so I think it`s good ;) That was quite the experience, and now we are afraid of any dog we see. I think i have a phobia now! haha I at least better get a cool scar from it ;)

There`s a guy in our ward now who is from mesa!! I didn`t have much time to talk to him, but he said next monday he`s leaving to go visit. and if we wanted he could bring us stuff home or contact you guys! do you mind if i give him your phone number or something? and depending on how busy you and him are possibly send me some stuff? ;) 

That`s weird too that gma and gpa never got my emails... I`ll try again. and i didn`t change my password or anything either, so that`s weird. Ill next time just send it to you too to send to them ;)

Ok, well that`s about my week! Pretty interesting! ;) I really hope there`s not a "next" problem coming up soon ;)

I attached some pics of my leg. The first one with it really bad was right after, and the bruise and the other one are last night. then my comp and i making and eating smores on our gas stove ;)

les amo muchìsimo! y les extraño tambien.
Tengan un buen semana y aprenden algo nuevo ;) 

--Hna Kami Severtson

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