19 August 2013

Kami letter from Capiapo (dated 8/19/2013)

Wow, this week sure did pass by really quickly! I don`t know much of what happened, and what to say! But it was a good week still, and once again (thank goodness) accident free!! ;) 
We celebrated my 6 months with Hna Delgado´s (from Peru) 9 months. We finally made that peach cobbler recipe Lexine sent me.... yeah it was okay. Our oven is SUPER slow and doesn`t get very hot, so it was in the oven for probably like an hour and a half. It just got really dense. It was okay, a good flavor, but whatever. Still yummy ;) 
We have a conference this week with Elder ViƱas from the 70. He`s coming to each city to talk, so we will meet with him on Wednesday. I`m excited! I know it will be pretty good ;)

This week we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of drunk men. They always walk up to us, telling us "I want to hear the word of God!" So for once, we decided to maybe try a lesson. It didn`t go anywhere. One of them was an old investigator, who loves the church and knows its true, and always tells us when he`s having a bad day he sees us. His only problem is, he can`t stop drinking. We tried to tell him its the Holy Ghost and a sign from God to act on his feelings, but he was too drunk to even remember because he asked us probably 15 times. His friend too started drinking in the middle of the lesson. When we told him not to drink that and to put it away, he opened the can and some got on his hand, so he flicked it on us. YUCK. Alcohol smells so bad... haha there are SO many drunk people here! haha The side of the road is always trashed with beer bottles and cans, there`s a ton. But everyone is too addicted to stop... it`s kinda sad. 

That`s weird you haven`t heard from that member yet... I was wanting to get his phone number to give to you guys too, but I completely forgot. Hopefully soon you can hear from him, but I know he`ll be there until Sept 1 or so. So a little while more. 

I attached some pictures of us hermanas, our house, some of the mountains (they`re not very good, because it was super cloudy this morning.. i`ll take more, but i always think it looks like az!)... 

Sorry for the short letter this week, but really I don`t know what more to write! The week was a normal week, nothing super spectacular happened ;)

Miss and love you all LOTS! Just under a year I`ll be home... crazy how the time fliess!

<3 Hermana Severtson

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