12 August 2013

Kami letter from Capiapo (dated 8/12/2013)

Hola Mi Familia!

Si, esta semana pasó mejor! ;) This week was a LOT better. Accident free! For once ;) 

Still loving Copiapo. Everyone told me before I left Antofagasta that it`s a LOT colder. Well, the first couple days it was a little warmer. Then it got HOT. Saturday afternoon was super hot. Then sunday night got really cold again... colder than antofagasta. So the weather here is kinda weird ;) But i love it! 

We live in a house here, with Hna Santos from Honduras and Hna Delgado from Peru. The house is 2 story with 2 bathrooms and a decent sized kitchen too. I like it! I still have been meaning to take pictures to send to you, but keep forgetting ;) maybe this next week :) 

We don`t have a mamita in this sector, so we have fun making food. This week, we made fried rice (which didn`t turn out so good... we had to use hotdogs instead of bacon because there isn`t too much bacon here), pizza, completos (SUPER GOOD, i`ll have to make them for ya when i`m home. hotdog with pretty much everything on it), hamburgers... its a lot of fun, and usually really yummy ;)

The ward here is really small too. In church, there`s an average of about 75 people there. It`s teeny! But still really amazing and helpful for us. I love it! 

We are starting to teach some good people, but so many people just want to know EVERYTHING about the church before they get baptized, so thats a little hard sometimes. But we`re working hard with all of them. 

My dogbite is healing too. Still have a scab and the bruise, but it doesn`t hurt or anything, so that`s good. I didn`t (hopefully didn`t ;)  ) have to get any shots or anything either. It`s doing fine. we thought the dog was from the street, but we were walking in the same area again the other day, and we saw the dog behind a fence. Still as angry and evil as before. Every dog now, big or small, makes me really nervous. haha there are dogs EVERYWHERE and they always bark at us like crazy! We even had dog friends this week that followed us around for a while. haha 

It`s the weirdest thing, we`ve realized we can`t remember hardly any song from home. Something will remind us of a song, and we can only remember half the line, part of the tune, it`s weird. only 6 months gone and i already can`t remember anything!

Speaking of 6 months.... yikes. That`s tomorrow!! 6 MONTHS! a third of my mission. wow. A year from today, I will be home. So technically i have less than a year left, and that kinda scares me a little bit! wowww!! 

I was reading the Conference talks, and wow, the ones from Priesthood session was so good! I liked Stand Strong in Holy Places by Hales, Power of the Priesthood in the Boy by Callister, and Sacred duty to Minister by Beck. in the one by callister, i loved his quote "with increased vision, comes increased motivation" so true! when you really have the goal to do something, and see yourself accomplishing it, you are more motivated to do it! 

I gave the member from Mesa your phone number, and he said he would try to contact you. He also took a picture ofmy companion and I and said he would email it to you, so be expecting that here soon! ;) He said he lives ValVista and 202 area, and will be there until September 1 or so. If you do get a chance to see him, see if you can give him those skirts! Also, if you have time, could you send some music? Just on a normal sized SD card would be good, and I can buy a little player thing here. All the EFY music we have (including from the kids this year, and the years I went) and if we have any instrumental hymns ;) That`s one thing I liked in antofagasta, someone always had efy music to play, and now we don`t have too much! If not though, no big deal ;)

Also, only if you can get with this member, can you send my brown courdory bag I had bought for school? If its not too much ;) I want an easier bigger bag to use, it would be better. ;) But if not, no big deal again ;)

Hope you all enjoy your week and are loving every moment of every day and looking for every opportunity possible to prepare for your missions!! 

Miss and Love you all LOTS!!

--Hna Severtson

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