02 June 2014

Unidad, Apoyo, Amor


This week, once again, was a good one for us! We were able to exceed our "records" as a companionship, and compared to before, for new investigators and lessons with a member present. It was a great week! 

We had a wedding this week! The Elders we share the ward with, have a family they'd been working with for 4 or 5 months now. They never could get baptized because the parents weren't married. Finally, they both agreed it was something they wanted, and got married! It was neat, and we got to go with them in the morning to the "ceremony." But, the best part, was that the ward too planned a reception at night. It was so amazing! Everyone got together and planned this, did their part, and it was so great!! There were decorations, food, gifts, a sister let her borrow her wedding dress, they helped with clothes for the kids, there were activities, dance, ... we had to go home early, but we heard that even the older ladies in the ward were dancing all night! 
That's something I love about this ward. They are so united. They work great together. There's so much love, even for people they don't know very well. They are excited and willing to help the missionaries. It's amazing! 

This was something my companion and I have noticed more this week than ever before. Especially with the wedding, but every other activity we have. There's great participation. Everyone helps. 
It's helped me realize that as a companionship we need to be the same. Have the same goals. Have the same plan. And, when we do it, THEN we see the success. We have fun. We enjoy it together. 
A family is the same way too. We all help and strengthen each other. We support each other in the hard times and the good times. We love one another. 
And that's the way it should be. United. It's amazing the difference it makes. And everyone can see it. Being yourself, and putting in your own talents, but supporting everyone else in theirs. Their strengths are our weaknesses. Our strengths are their weaknesses. And that's how it needs to be! Be a team!

We started classes of Preach My Gospel every other Sunday in our ward. Yesterday, we taught part of The Restoration, talked about what the main points would be, and how a member can teach and testify about this point in 1-2 minutes. Something they would do in lessons with us. Then, we talked about how to do a contact or how to invite a friend to go to church or meet with the missionaries. It was great! 

I got a phone call this week... from the mission office.... asking me what airport is the closest to my house. WOW. That must mean I have quite a bit of time in the mission...and don't have too much left. Wow. For real. Take advantage of every second you got--especially when you're in your mission, but in life too-- because it goes fast. It will pass before your eyes... 

How great that Bentley went through the temple. I miss the temple so much, but I'm happy there's one closer now, and that I can go whenever I want! ;) 

Hope it all works out for you to go to Havasupai this week! Hope everyone is good with health and strength. But, either way, next year we'll go again, right? ;) 

Maizey mentioned to me about jerseys. I am going to try to talk to a few people this week and see exactly how much they are. If any of the rest of you would want one, let me know! ;) 

Love you LOTSS! Miss ya! 

--Hermana Severtson

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