16 June 2014

Corred De Tal Manera Que Lo Obtengáis

Hello!! Nice to hear from you all today ;) I love reading your emails and hearing all that's going on at home. 

I forgot to mention last week, that I got the birthday card that you send me, and from Grandma and Grandpa Porter too. Thanks! It was nice to get some mail and hear from you. 

Also, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!! I hope it was a great day for you, Dad! You deserve it! I wish we could call home on Father's Day too, but we can't. Soon enough..... 

Cool too that Porter is playing the piano in Primary! Is that his new calling? or is he just helping out? That's awesome, Im jealous! I LOVED that calling!!!

Sad to hear about Jette Davis... I didn't know he was getting that bad... I hope that his family is all doing okay. If you talk to them, tell them I send my best wishes for them. 

This week was interesting! We had lots of great activities! 
On Friday night, we celebrated the Anniversary of the Arica Costanera Stake. Mauricio de La Martinez came from Santiago (I think he's an ex-70?) to sing! He composed 4-5 songs about the Restoration and sang with his wife. It was great! They invited everyone, even the leaders of other churches, so it was a great event! My companion and I were in charge, along with the ward, to teach the Plan of Salvation after. There were 3 rooms, where everyone could go listen to the lessons. It went good! 

Then, on Saturday, we had a conference with President and Hermana Dalton. I always love the conferences we have, but for some reason, this one was my favorite! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and of all the questions that are answered in the book. Everything that was said was PERFECT and exactly what my companion and I were thinking about, and answered a lot of our doubts and questions too. 

We were able to set baptism dates with a lot more of our investigators too. Angelina is still doing great! But we set dates with Cindy and Luis, Miyoshi, and Maria José. Maria Jose was a great story... Let me tell you. ;) 
We did a few contacts Thursday night, and she was one of them. She was super happy and said, "can you come tomorrow?" so we set an appointment, and went! In the middle of the lesson, she asks us "you guys baptize in a pool right?" "yes, a font, how do you know" "my friend just got baptized in your church, and he told me." Turns out, her friend is the one who got married the other week and got baptized with his family. COOL! We start to continue the lesson, and she asks "How can I get baptized like that?" That was the first time in my mission that someone asks that, and that we set a baptism date in the middle of the lesson! It was cool! ;) 

 Something really interesting that one of our Zone Leaders shared in our meeting this week was from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. This was a little story I had never heard before, but I liked it a lot. "So run, that ye may obtain". We are all running in the race. But there is only one winner. Ok, really, there is more than one. But what is being explained here, is that only those who REALLY want the prize will get it. Only those who excersize self-discipline and self-mastery, with the most will and desire for the prize, will get it. He who starts out strong, and decides that he is tired and stops half way, won't get the prize. We need to be running fast and strong and dedicated the whole race. 
In our case, this race is our journey to the Celestial Kingdom. We need to run and endure to the end, running hard, in order to get the prize. We need to focus on our purpose and our goal. If we really want the prize, doing all it takes to get there will be easy. We need to do the will of God. He wil show us the path to get there easiest. He need to overcome the natural man. We may get tired, bored, want something new, but the PRIZE is our goal! 
I really liked this scripture and how it relates to life. So, RUN! That you might obtain the prize!! 

les quiero MUCHO! espero que todos tengan una semana maravillosa! Siguen trabajando y disfrutando de todo que están haciendo. Aprovechen su verano y disfruten del calor que tienen ;)
les extraño! pero nos vamos a ver prontito! ..... el tiempo pasa rápido. muy MUY rápido! Pero, voy a seguir enfocándome hasta el fin ;)  

<3 - Hermana Severtson

P.S. I uploaded more pictures to Skydrive too... so you can go check it out ;) 

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