09 June 2014

La Humildad

Hola Familia! Como están? 
We had another fun week here. Continuing to enjoy the mission and have fun working! 

This week, we went to Antofagasta again, and had a great meeting with President and the other leaders there. It's always fun to go and see old companions and hear the words that President, his wife, and the assistants planned for us. 

We also continued finding more new investigators this week. We are really loving the work together here! Super great!! 

Happy news! We have an investigator, Angelina, who committed to baptism this week! Her friend is a member in the ward, and came to church with her twice. We started teaching her, but just through FHE and things, never a "real" lesson with her. Anyways. She is super happy and excited about the church. 
So, there was a baptism in the ward this weekend, the family and couple that got married last week. Angelina went with her friend. After, she came up to us and said "I'm being convinced" so my companion told her "We are giong to have another baptism on the 28th. We can help you prepare for this day" and she said "yes! When do we start the preparation?" :) Then she told the whole ward after the baptism that she would be baptized too! Already knows who she wants to baptize her, already talking to people to make more friends. The ward is great and helpful to have other FHE activities with Angelina to get to know her more!! 

Sounds like you all had fun on the cruise too! How funny you met Kevin and were talking to him. Were you all able to communicate well? Did he know any English? 
It seemed like Rosy and Porter continued the icecream swirling contest too... haha Hope Porter didn't get too sick this time ;) 
We'll have to do it again next year ;) Maybe down to CHILE! :D 

At the conference this week, Hermana Dalton talked about Humility. She is always the best at giving talks about the Attributes of Christ. I really liked her talk this time too. She quoted from "True to the Faith" that you can still be humble if you are strong and courageous. (something like that in English ;)  ) I liked that a lot, because people usually thing of Humility of being quiet, shy, like a weakness. But, humility is really a strength. Being willing to serve. Accepting change. Accepting correction. Doing what you know is right. Trusting in the Lord's plan. Doing His will. Not judging others. Not getting offended. Not getting mad. Loving everyone. Being grateful for all things. Praying always. Repenting and being better every day. Forgiving. and the list goes on and on. 
But Humility really includes more than we normally thing. Humility is one of the most important attibutes of Christ. We are nothing without the Lord, and with him, we are everything. We can do all things through Christ. It's not our success, it's not our work. Everything should be done in praising the lord. "Mira puesta UNICAMENTE en la gloria de Dios" (Doctrine and Convenants 4). 
Yes, I know its something I need to keep working on. There are many times I get frustrated with people or myself. When I get excited or happy for the things that I have done... forgetting that it was with a LOT of help from the Lord. 

Love you all MUCHO MUCHO! Have a great week! Keep working hard, spend your summer wisely ;) School will be back before you know it! I miss ya! You are all doing great in all your different activities and things. You are the best familia! :)

Que tengan un día lindo y una semana llena de éxito y felicidad!! Les quiero! 

--<3 Hermana Severtson

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