27 January 2014

La Haya! Vamos a Hawaii!

Wow, Dad and Lexine on a cruise! Have fun! We should go on another family cruise ;) hehe that was fun!
Can't believe Garrett is SIXTEEN. That kid isnt old enough to be 16!! haha wow, he better get his license soon, and learn to drive, because Im not sure Ill be driving when I get home. Its been nice not to have to drive! ha AND he better date too! He and Porter could get some good double dates goin on :)
News update on Norma!! She was our investigator that I mentioned last week, I dont remember if I said her name or not. Anyway, she's Norma. SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED SOONER! Our Bishop really wanted her to be baptized, and so we asked the Zone Leaders, and they approved it! The Bishop has "la razon" in our sectors, sorry for that spanish there. Not a good translation for that one ;) SO, since shes at work, we called her, and she was super excited! She comes home Monday the 3rd, and will be baptized saturday the 8th!! Im so excited for her!!
She also mentioned to us, that she would love to serve a mission ;) She has a younger sister preparing, so she thought it would be fun! Shes only 28, so she could! Which would be SUPER COOL!
We found some more good new investigators this week. Most we have just gone back to those we have knocked and they let us in! And are pretty interested! Which makes me happy! Hopefully they continue to progress and can go to church and want to be baptized too.
We had a fun activity this week, called Viaje Hawaii! We traveled as a ward to Hawaii! haha nah, not really ;) everyone waited in the sacrament room, then took groups to the "plane" where they watched a screen of what its like on an airplane. Then we landed in Hawaii. Everyone had a certain amount of "money" to buy snacks, games, ... and my companion and I had a both of the church. People that came to listen to us, got more money, but we didnt advertise that ;) Anyway, after, we all flew back to Chile, and the plane crashed. Everyone died. Depending on the money they had left, and what "worldly temptations" they fell into, they went to the Celestial, Terestial, Telestial (Hopefully I spelled those right... I just realized I dont remember what they are in English either..oops ha) Kingdoms. It was neat to see how only a few had enough money they didnt spend that got to go to the Celestial Kingdom.
I took some pictures too.. but this internet place we are in, doesnt have the USB or Memory slot to upload them... maybe next week ;)
Speaking of Pictures too, I have more to upload to Skydrive still... but.... same computer problem ;) next week!
My foot had started hurting a bit this week too.... :( Hopefully it gets better and not worse! But we shall see. It just feels really tense, pressured, and achey. but work must be done! :)
Haha, funny how you all thought my comp doesnt look Mexican. Shes from more south, Acapulco (no idea how to spell that either). Beach city. I dont know! but she is Mexican!
We had an activity today where she and another Mexican Sister in our district made everyone mexican food :) YUMMMM!!!
Look up on the news or something, about the Haya between Peru and Chile! Since I'm right here on the border, we hear a lot about it, but its nothing really dangerous. Today is the big day of what they decide! haha So we will see!
Well, thats about all for today! It really was a QUICK week again! The time really does FLY BY. Its sad, because I just love the mission! Its really the greatest decision Ive ever made :)
I wish you all a great week! Keep smiling, be happy, and remember who you are!! Work hard, do your best, and learn all you can in every experience!
I LOVE YOU!! Les quiero ;)
<3 Hermana Severtson

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