13 January 2014

Cousins Cleaning Floods :)

But, sadly, I am being transferred. I LOVED Copiapo. I LOVED being here with Hermana Rindlisbacher and Hermana Tuft...I learned SO much from both of them! The ward here was AMAZING and so helpful always!! 
BUT, Im going to ARICA! The other end of the mission! AND Im training! So we will both be new together in the sector. Im pretty scared, but excited too! Hermana Tuft is training too, so we are going to Antofagasta together tomorrow night atmidnight, picking up our "hijas" and heading to our sectors! It will be a long tiring traveling week, but it will be great! ;) Next week I'll be able to tell you about Arica! 

Great news this week! So Hermana Tuft and I were talking, and we came across Nauvoo, pioneers, ancestors.... and we share the Webbs!! WE ARE COUSINS!! How cool is that?? How cool to think that Gpa Webb would have 2 great great great (...) granddaughters serving together in the same mission?? ;)

Yesterday in church, us 4 missionaries spoke on Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love. I had Hope. It was cool to read up more about Hope and learn more about it. Hope is just waiting for the blessings that will come because of our faith and action. In Spanish, hope is Esperanza, which comes from the word Esperar, which means "to wait for or to hope for" So its neat in spanish that wait and hope are the same word. :)
then sadly, after my talk, I had to say bye to the ward. I really had enjoyed being in this ward and learning so much from all of them! 
I also did a musical number in Sacrament Meeting... this time by myself. I did that Joseph Smith Medley, the mix of Joseph Smith's First Prayer/A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief/Praise to the Man. It was too, the first time (I believe) that I did a musical solo in sacrament! weird! but it was fun! ;) 
ALSO, the Principles of the Gospel teacher was out of town, so Hermana Tuft and I taught the class. 
Missionary Sunday ;) hehe nah, I loved being able to serve this ward for the last time! 

I am so happy to her about Kenzie Stewart's mission call! It makes me so happy to hear about all the people getting their calls! Its such an amazing work, and the excitement and willingness that the new missionaries have amazes me! 

Ok, so want to know what happened this week?? hahaha 
So, Friday morning, we had our transferly deep cleaning. We got up, cleaned, and organized and cleaned some more, and finished with the house looking nice! 
So, we finish, and go shower. we have 2 showers in our house, one upstairs and one downstairs. So im upstairs, and showering, washing off my body with our cold water, about to wash my hair... nope. not with that cold water. so i get out, and lean over to wash my hair. Next thing, the tub is starting to fill up a little, but whatever. then I feel water on my feet. I just think Im dripping, or accidentally sprayed the ground or something. so i finish up, and look, theres MORE water. And it looks like its coming UP from the drain on the ground... that cant be good. I didnt have my contacts in, so i go change, put them in, and go look again. great. more water. 
i run downstairs to tell hermana tuft.... Uhh... i think we have a flood. she says "call the district leader" so i run to go get the phone... only to hear water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen...that is directly below the bathroom. OH NO. we call the district leader, perfect timing, right as the zone leaders are stopping by their house. we turn the water off, its still dripping through the ceiling and dripping down the walls. then we call the office, and had to send them pictures. and they are going to try to call the owner. PERFECTLY 2 weeks before we are switching houses. haha 
and then, the cleanly mopped floor, was messy again. and the kitchen has a dip in the ceiling where the tub is. a member came and looked at it, and we need a plumber to come and fix it because its in the floor/walls. ay ay! this house sure has its stories and adventures! haha ;)

well, thats about it for today i believe. next week more with my new area!!! 

miss you all LOTS! and LOVE YOUU!!!

P.S. that first one only makes sense if you read spanish. but its an article in the liahona about raising kids. here in the mission, the people you train are considered your "daughters" or "sons" for elders. ;) we saw that shortly after we recieved our transfer calls ;)
a cute little girl in the ward being me ;)
the mountain we hiked last week, can you see the teeny cross? 

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