20 January 2014


Ahhhh its going great so far! 
But, Let me start from the beginning. 
So Monday and Tuesday, we just visited people like normal, saying bye and such. Then, at 11ish, we went down to the bus station. We left Copiapo around 12:30, getting to Antofagasta around 8am. Little sleep that night. 
We had a little meeting for trainers, ate lunch, met our companions, and waited for our next busses! My companion is Hermana Salinas, from MEXICO!! Do you know what THAT means??? I get the fulfilling of the mexican food I've missed ;) WOO HOO!!! AHH ive missed it so much! 
We were waiting in the chapel for Origines, the ward I was in when I was there in Antofagasta, and I got to see a few of the members again! So that was fun too! 
Finally, it was our turn for the bus to leave. We left Antofagasta around 8pm, got here to Arica around 8am. We are in Juan Noe, its the "down town" part of Arica. Before, there were only 2 Elders in the sector, and we came to split the ward in half. 
Our pension is NEW. We got there, and it had NOTHING. So, we stared unpacking, and the Zone Leaders went to buy us beds, kitchen stuff, a fridge... etc. 
Then, we left that afternoon to work work work. or... talk to people. haha Thats basically all we did all weekend! haha 
We ran into the chapel because it was open, and talked to one of the Sisters about going out with us. ALL afternoon Friday, she showed us around, the members in our sector, some less actives, it was great!! And super awesome to get to know her more, and the members too! VERY HELPFUL! 
Saturday again was more contacting, and visiting some of these people we met on Friday
Saturday afternoon, we decided to fast. We figured we cant do it alone, its the Lord's work, and we need his help! 
Sunday, we got up, and went to church. The ward is great!! Bigger than my old ward, but still decently small. We introduced ourselves and got to meet more members. Its going to be a good ward! They are all very excited to have Hermanas in the ward too...they all knew we were coming, before WE did! and they are also very excited about missionary work. So it should be great! 
Just so happens, a lady was there for the first time. Almost her whole family are members, and she went with her less-active sister...who is also trying to reactivate. She is going through a hard time, and knew she needed to have the Gospel in her life to help her. SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!! We went to visit her after church, and she accepted to be baptized! She works 10 days away, then has 10 days to rest... so with that, her date is March 1. BUT shes also wanting to change her work. So if she does, and can go to church more, she can get baptized sooner!! :D We were so happy!! 
ALSO, we went to a less active family's house that the Bishop told us about. The dad served a mission, and later went inactive. He was resting when we got there, so we started sharing with his wife and daughter. We asked about Nephi and Lehi, and they didnt remember much from them. He told us after, that it made him really sad his family didnt recognize something so basic, so he came out to talk with us. He wants to go to church, and bring his daughter, and wife when shes not working. 
Those were two miracles we immediately saw after fasting! Thats something in the mission that really, Ive learned. Blessings from fasting come QUICK! 

I love this area so far, and I know its going to be really great!! 

Im in the process right now of uploading more pictures to Skydrive, so hopefully soon they'll be finished ;) 

I got Grandma and Grandpa Porter's christmas card this week ;) Tell them thanks for me ;) It was a very sweet card :) 

So, after all the figuring about Hermana Tuft's grandma and Grandma Reed, what is our relation?? 4th cousins exact? or removed at all? I still am amazed about that, and how we just happened to figure it out! Its so cool! 

Enjoy your cruise you have this week! how fun! 
I miss you all LOTS!! AND LOVE YOU MORE!! 
have a great week!! 

--Hermana Severtson

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